Body Image

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  1. I feel like I'm starting to hate the skin I'm in

    Started by swimega44 / 27/11/2020 21:25 / Replies 0
    Hi, so recently an incident where my parents found out that I had sent nudes. I got heavily told ...
  2. I can’t believe how ugly i am

    Started by Temporary31207047 / 20/11/2020 19:51 / Replies 2
    In the past i have never thought myself as “pretty” but i never seriously thought i was “ugly”.Re...

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    By A-kidWhoseRandom /
  3. My dad

    Started by Savetherhinos3 / 05/07/2020 06:42 / Replies 11
    Hey so basically my dad is arguing with my mum all the time when I can hear it, and if they arent...

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    By beaniebook1 /
  4. feeling ugly

    Started by sunshine3344 / 31/05/2020 21:17 / Replies 3
    I have always seen myself as not pretty compared to the girls my age and normally its about stuff...

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    By Wheelsfordays32-1 /
  5. Anxious

    Started by SlytherinDracoMalfoy / 17/11/2020 20:01 / Replies 0
    Hi, I’ve been really stressed for the last few months so I’m just gonna go on a bit of a rant but...
  6. I’m big.

    Started by mythicalchickpeacan / 16/05/2020 09:58 / Replies 3
    I’ve always been a big child. I was a chubby baby, chubby toddler, chubby kid, and now chubby tee...

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    By AnnonoAJ /
  7. i think i have body dysmorphia

    Started by sageleaves1234 / 14/11/2020 14:23 / Replies 0
    im 16, for the last 3 years ive had such bad self esteem. ive wanted to end it many times because...
  8. Body image issues

    Started by KroseK / 06/11/2020 18:54 / Replies 1
    hi everyone, I dont know if anyone will read this , but im really struggling with my body image.I...

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    By emojilove2 /
  9. I have no idea what I’m doing

    Started by Austejaaaa / 01/11/2020 20:50 / Replies 1
    So I have never used this app and If I’m honest I’m kinda scared so I feel really insecure and ho...

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    By galaxypuffin /
  10. Body image

    Started by Temporary85062789 / 29/10/2020 21:20 / Replies 1
    hi im 11,and i‘ve been struggling with body image i always have im always worried about my size l...

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