Body Image

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  1. I hate everything about me

    Started by smhsmh / 17/11/2019 19:35 / Replies 0
    Hi, So, basically I've became like really insecure on how I look when I found this 16 year old on...
  2. I don't like the way I look

    Started by PrinceRomano / 20/09/2019 23:50 / Replies 2
    Hi,look So basically i feel really insecure about the way i look and its getting worse. I just fe...

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  3. 👶my babyfat face x

    Started by Abeauty / 16/11/2019 20:37 / Replies 0
    hey xx baso i hv chubby cheeks , bit of double chin n dont hv an acc jawline n my face is a BIGAS...
  4. Hey

    Started by Justmollie / 11/11/2019 22:53 / Replies 2
    i have always struggled with my body image because of bullying and other issues. im short and im ...

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  5. My Body (Breasts)

    Started by Jemma-3- / 31/10/2019 21:41 / Replies 3
    Hey Peeps. My name is Jemma, and I’m 15 years old. I’m naturally skinny and on top of that do alo...

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  6. Body image

    Started by Temporary20809840 / 15/10/2019 21:44 / Replies 5
    Does anyone ever feel like they're not good enough or you just look in the mirror and feel disgus...

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  7. my body image issues

    Started by moonie-blues / 09/11/2019 12:48 / Replies 0
    hello, everyone. this is my first post here so... sorry if i get the formatting wrong. for a long...
  8. I hate how I look

    Started by KupcakeAndSprinklez08 / 08/10/2019 22:27 / Replies 3
    I have lots of freckles and i hate them. i am lucky to not get teased as i am in a small school w...

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  9. My body

    Started by koalagirl1 / 31/10/2019 23:46 / Replies 2
    Hello my name is Rosa and I am 12. I try to eat as healthy as possible and I do football for 5 ho...

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  10. Body Image

    Started by maddie8080 / 31/10/2019 23:25 / Replies 2
    hi im madison. im not going to worry about grammar and punctuation right now. I am 14 and hate my...

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