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  1. Telling a boy that I like him

    Started by LusciousLottie20 / 29/07/2021 10:24 / Replies 3
    Hi, there's this boy that used to be in some of my classes before the summer break and sat next t...

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    By AmazingRollingOtter7075 /
  2. My ex and How i thought it would be my forever soul-mate

    Started by AmazingRollingOtter7075 / 01/08/2021 15:54 / Replies 0
    Hey lovely's! I'm Lilly and i want to talk about my previous relationship with my boyfriend. me a...
  3. Love straight after a break up

    Started by Rggirl / 21/07/2021 12:11 / Replies 2
    Hi I just went through a breakup a week and a half ago and I was with abother girl because I was ...

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    By AmazingRollingOtter7075 /
  4. parents controlling my relationship

    Started by Sweetcorn3 / 01/08/2021 01:01 / Replies 0
    I’m 16 and my parents are controlling my relationship. I met this boy online, and after a month o...
  5. Rumours that my girlfriend is cheating on me, I don't know what to do.

    Started by AwesomeRollingSeal3441 / 30/07/2021 23:40 / Replies 1
    I have been with my partner now for over 10months and at the start it was a really stable relatio...

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    By FamalamalamilyNDQ /
  6. Red Flag Or Not?

    Started by Kallie345 / 30/07/2021 23:14 / Replies 1
    So I’m talking to this guy, lets call him J (Not linked to his name at all) and we both establish...

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    By SilverTurningDuck3740 /
  7. Deprivation of affection

    Started by Rumodeus / 30/07/2021 19:15 / Replies 0
    'ello lads, ​ im really just writing since i have no one else to voice this to. nowadays iv...
  8. I don't like him back

    Started by Temporary74399349 / 29/07/2021 23:01 / Replies 0
    About a year ago one of my closest guy friends said that he really liked me and I had to turn him...
  9. Never dated anyone/kissed anyone

    Started by CarefulReadingDeer2767 / 22/07/2021 00:48 / Replies 3
    hey, i'm just kinda insecure about this. i'm 17 and i've never dated or kissed anyone before. i'm...

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    By Kirsty722689 /
  10. Breaking up:/

    Started by ElegantJoggingFalcon1380 / 03/07/2021 13:47 / Replies 2
    about two days ago, my boyfriend of 7 months broke up with me. he said it's nothing to do with me...

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    By ElegantTurningTiger3965 /