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  1. Older guy

    Started by aimeefloflo / 24/04/2018 14:20 / Replies 2
    so i recently was working away for a week and met this really great guy, im 17 and hes 34.. he do...

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  2. dealing with being a year younger

    Started by ashxoxoxo / 23/04/2018 17:41 / Replies 1
    for some reason i've always had a problem with my boyfriend being in the school year above. i fee...

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    By promgramed15 /
  3. Ex relationship confusion...

    Started by PastelFilmer / 24/04/2018 18:12 / Replies 0
    Ok, I’m not really sure how to start this, but here we go... About 2 years ago, I started my firs...
  4. prom date?!!?

    Started by missmiasaurus / 24/04/2018 18:05 / Replies 0
    today i asked a boy in my class to yr6 prom and he said yes but as friends and a backup. i am wor...
  5. I don’t know what to do.

    Started by Sl1nky / 23/04/2018 20:49 / Replies 2
    hi. i desperately need help. my now ex girlfriend and I broke up 6 days ago. I stupidly begged he...

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    By Saffyxo /
  6. Break ups

    Started by jpxox1233 / 24/04/2018 16:43 / Replies 0
    hi , my boyfriend broke up with me after being together unofficially a year but made it official ...
  7. Flying out to meet him- am I making the right choice? ✈️❤️

    Started by Saffyxo / 20/04/2018 15:18 / Replies 2
    Before I begin, there is so much I cannot explain online as it is very personal. However, I can e...

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  8. Your first bf/gf

    Started by SimplySmidgely / 20/04/2018 05:11 / Replies 5
    K I'm Smidge, (im a girl), and I like this guy, but I don't really want advice, i just want to kn...

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    By SimplySmidgely /
  9. Crush on this boy

    Started by kitty-star / 22/04/2018 20:52 / Replies 4
    i have a crush like most normal girls do but the thing is the boy i like flirts with me sometimes...

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    By kitty-star /
  10. Bothered by my past

    Started by promgramed15 / 20/04/2018 20:16 / Replies 4
    Hi I don’t know what to think atm, basically I’m with this guy let’s call him A and we been talki...

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