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  1. Long Distance

    Started by BrendanfromZIM / 29/03/2020 23:39 / Replies 0
    Aight so imma leave dis here. ​ I'm a 16 year old boy, just came outta school and I've been...
  2. Relationships and recovery

    Started by Temporary1837474 / 26/03/2020 22:13 / Replies 2
    Hi, im 17 year old boy who got rebounded by a girl i truly love and would do anything for. She st...

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  3. Separated from girlfriend

    Started by Thesimsislife / 17/03/2020 21:15 / Replies 3
    I won’t be able to see my girlfriend for months cause of the coronavirus and it makes me really d...

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    By BrendanfromZIM /
  4. I've missed my opportunity with the boy I'm in love with

    Started by viola7 / 29/03/2020 22:08 / Replies 0
    I started speaking to this boy and for the first time ever, it became serious- I'd never develope...
  5. Jealousy and argument

    Started by SlothLover03 / 18/02/2020 08:42 / Replies 2
    So my boyfriend has a close female friend (he has quite a few female friends but they dont botger...

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    By melyyyxox /
  6. Breaking up with a toxic person /

    Started by exothermicboyz / 10/03/2020 20:50 / Replies 4
    Hi so basically my girlfriend and I have had a rough patch and I am really considering breaking u...

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    By Fighting-2-live /
  7. worried what people think about never having boyfriend

    Started by Rosaline14 / 24/03/2020 20:28 / Replies 2
    I am 15 and I have never had a boyfriend and never kissed a boy, and to be honest i don't really ...

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  8. In love with a (possibly) ace girl; help

    Started by CoconutChoc / 29/03/2020 00:54 / Replies 1
    Hi So for a few months now, I’ve known this girl (I’ll call her K). We’re both in year 9, both gi...

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  9. am i going crazy!!!

    Started by maroonninja / 25/03/2020 14:05 / Replies 5
    hi im only 10 and I have a crush. I know my school is shut down but I cant stop thinking about hi...

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    By BlueTurtles /
  10. Gf wants me to do sonthing

    Started by Duperkitten / 23/03/2020 13:25 / Replies 1
    My Gf and I have bee together for 6 months now and recently she's asked me to do somthing and idk...

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