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  1. I

    Started by Jazzy-c / 14/05/2020 22:06 / Replies 3
    before lockdown started i was struggling as i felt there was nothing left to live for and when so...

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    By 99luftballoon /
  2. PTSD and my teacher (PLEASE HELP)

    Started by Rebecca9030 / 25/05/2020 17:22 / Replies 3
    My teacher has been calling me attention-seeking at school for over a year because of my PTSD. Sh...

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    By emojilove2 /
  3. How to deal with scary/horror films?

    Started by Thinkingofname / 02/05/2016 19:57 / Replies 1
    Hi I got scared when watching a scary film recently. It doesn't affect me a lot during the day bu...

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    By Catsandplants12 /
  4. Can’t sleep!

    Started by Annie7926 / 26/05/2020 18:31 / Replies 2
    I struggle to get to sleep because of my anxiety and it makes me angry, grumpy, tired and just re...

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    By emojilove2 /
  5. Panic Room

    Started by evieisgay-07 / 28/05/2020 22:25 / Replies 0
    'Welcome to the panic room Where all your darkest fears are gonna Come for you, come for you Welc...
  6. Social anxiety?

    Started by applepie7 / 18/05/2016 20:45 / Replies 4
    I don't know if I have social anxiety or if I just get nervous. I always feel anxious in any soci...

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    By TerrifiedOfEverything /
  7. Is this normal? Or possible SAD?

    Started by catobsessed1 / 07/05/2020 22:46 / Replies 4
    I don’t know if this is normal; I’ve kind of ignored it for a while but when I read the symptoms ...

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  8. Anxiety

    Started by boobee / 13/05/2020 11:42 / Replies 4
    sometimes I worry what people think about me when I am walking my dog an my heart just beat

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  9. Massive Anxiety

    Started by LovelessGirl / 24/05/2020 15:44 / Replies 2
    hi, i really struggle with anxiety and at the minute, a big thing is being anxious about my teeth...

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    By -Alexa /
  10. My mental health

    Started by imarandomperson / 22/05/2020 21:48 / Replies 4
    ive been struggling with my anxiety alot recently. i feel like every part of my mental health has...

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    By imarandomperson /