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  1. Scarlett's top tips - Anxiety and Panic attacks

    Started by Scarlettarty101 / 18/07/2018 19:08 / Replies 0
    I have experienced Anxiousness and Panic attacks in the past myself. I know exactly how it feels....
  2. Telling people how you feel

    Started by XxchazzybaexX / 15/07/2018 22:08 / Replies 3
    hello i am quite nervous to talk about this but i have to i dont really like telling people how i...

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    By MaizyHeart /
  3. Anxiety and Panic attacks

    Started by Snow243 / 23/12/2017 22:36 / Replies 254
    I am having panic attacks everyday at school and i cant cope anymore. my anxiety/panic attacks ar...

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    By h2016sept /
  4. Different Types of Anxiety

    Started by StrangeSpecies / 15/07/2018 16:37 / Replies 5
    When I hear about how other people experience anxiety, it's usually much different to how I exper...

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    By AryaStarkk /
  5. stupid question: what is anxiety?

    Started by willow_tree / 11/07/2013 22:30 / Replies 3
    My bestfriend sufferes from it but she kind of struggles to explain what it is so im totally baff...

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    By gurlie /
  6. telling ppl about my anxiety

    Started by gurlie / 13/07/2018 19:30 / Replies 2
    hey so I’m 99% sure I have anxiety. I have all the symptoms of worrying and panicking usually men...

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    By gurlie /
  7. My story (simplified)

    Started by Dancingdreamer / 28/06/2018 23:43 / Replies 3
    My anxiety has been a problem for just over 3 years, mainly due to severe lack of confidence in m...

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    By Temporary07305568 /
  8. I think I have anxiety.

    Started by MaCherie / 14/07/2018 05:53 / Replies 2
    I'm not sure if it's anxiety or me being dramatic. Everytime I'm called upon in class, it just fe...

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    By minyoongys /
  9. Anxiety

    Started by Number-13 / 13/07/2018 18:24 / Replies 0
    My anxiety tends to flare up from time to time and it is really starting to get in the way of my ...
  10. Growing up with anxiety

    Started by oliviatheartist / 03/07/2018 13:16 / Replies 2
    ​ I never recognised that I had anxiety until a couple months ago, but in reality, it had b...

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    By PianoGal0301 /