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  1. Social anxiety & when to see a doctor

    Started by PoliteSittingPuffin7562 / 09/06/2021 22:01 / Replies 2
    Hi, I've been struggling with feeling anxious and I'm not sure if to go to the doctors or not. Re...

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    By Jellybabyy /
  2. Scared to ask for help

    Started by CautiousGivingRobin8356 / 10/09/2021 17:30 / Replies 3
    hi! ive just started secondary school, and i want to ask my teacher for some help with my anxiety...

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    By BugsBunny2718 /
  3. Overthinking

    Started by JuiceWrld125 / 19/03/2021 18:14 / Replies 10
    Hi! There isn't really much I can say here, but I overthink everything. Every day I'm reading ove...

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    By JuiceWrld125 /
  4. Social anxiety and Paranoia

    Started by Qhajzhajsjzhabh / 09/03/2021 18:22 / Replies 2
    Hey I’m ash, I have no idea if this is even the right board, I’m still very new to this whole app...

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    By --Ash1ey-- /
  5. Anxiety

    Started by AmazingBakingHare9359 / 07/09/2021 19:26 / Replies 2
    Hi, This has tooken me guts to come here and message about how I have been feeling, I am sorry if...

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    By AmazingBakingHare9359 /
  6. I hate people and noises

    Started by Thefastestsnailever / 05/09/2021 10:52 / Replies 3
    Ok so this is kinda hard to explain but I hate being around people. I was at a parents evening th...

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    By CautiousGivingRobin8356 /
  7. Anxiety

    Started by Superdupersloth3963 / 29/08/2021 22:23 / Replies 3
    i am 100% sure i have anxiety does anyone know how to get diagnosed and do parents find out?? x

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    By CautiousGivingRobin8356 /
  8. Going to another country with a friend

    Started by BugsBunny2718 / 09/09/2021 16:56 / Replies 0
    Hi, tomorrow I am going to my friend’s caravan and I am so nervous. What if I sleep walk? What if...
  9. going back to school/ intrusive thoughts

    Started by GoldenRunningAlpaca6714 / 03/09/2021 00:53 / Replies 3
    hi, is anyone else really terrified for going back to school? i start year 10 tomorrow and im cur...

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    By BisexualBliss-AceAllie /
  10. Do you have to be diagnosed with OCD and PTSD?! 🤕

    Started by TheLonelyGirlXOX / 27/07/2021 22:16 / Replies 2
    Hey guys, I think I have OCD because I want everything in a certain order and I get fears that I'...

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    By BisexualBliss-AceAllie /