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  1. anxious :(

    Started by princesseliza27 / 13/03/2019 10:07 / Replies 5
    im so fed up of anxiety i pretty sure i have both genral and social and i hate it and why does me...

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    By princesseliza27 /
  2. Boys ❤️

    Started by Katerine123 / 18/03/2019 22:10 / Replies 0
    So there is this boy lets call him apple right and apple like one day will be so lovely and all o...
  3. Loneliness

    Started by Katerine123 / 02/03/2019 22:03 / Replies 4
    When you have spent a day out with people you really like and care about, when you go from feelin...

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    By Katerine123 /
  4. anxiety

    Started by Harriethgs1 / 13/03/2019 18:55 / Replies 11
    Is it just me that get's really anxious when your about to go to sleep and I don't know why. Does...

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    By x-alex-x /
  5. Bullying

    Started by Temporary98643284 / 17/03/2019 20:59 / Replies 1
    Hi, im looking for some help on how to cope with bullying. I am suffering from depression and whe...

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    By x-alex-x /
  6. Anxiety

    Started by Temporary51480068 / 18/03/2019 18:23 / Replies 1
    Hi, I have a great life an amazing family loving parents ect. at the moment I’ve just been feelin...

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    By luniclifes7 /
  7. Worried

    Started by ILikeFoodLol2 / 10/03/2019 20:02 / Replies 7
    im going to a bts concert in june and im kinda scared

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    By ILikeFoodLol2 /
  8. Anxiety

    Started by Shymusicdance / 08/03/2019 16:47 / Replies 9
    hi does anyone else get anxious? I just feel a bit down and i often get very anxious at school or...

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    By Shymusicdance /
  9. Worried

    Started by whovian101 / 12/03/2019 23:02 / Replies 1
    Hi, I don't know if this is the right place to post this but based on what I read up, I think its...

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    By gemmabliss /
  10. anxiety

    Started by Temporary06061248 / 14/03/2019 21:52 / Replies 2
    hi guys, i have anxiety and i am constantly worrying and overthinking things that mean nothing. i...

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    By gemmabliss /