Emotional Abuse

Reading this content might be upsetting and trigger difficult feelings and emotions if you have experienced these events or feelings in the past

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  1. mum- is it abuse?

    Started by mab63065 / 31/07/2016 23:53 / Replies 4
    I already feel bad writing this but i might as well: So starting about 3 or 4 weeks ago my mum st...

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    By mab63065 /
  2. Emotionaly abused

    Started by meggie02 / 05/08/2016 09:47 / Replies 7
    Hi, my mum has emotionally abused me since I was about 8. I am now 13. If my mum is stressed or m...

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    By whovian101 /
  3. im a mess

    Started by monkey0987 / 02/07/2016 22:42 / Replies 2
    my dad used to hit me. once he kicked me against a radiator. now him and my brother call me names...

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    By mab63065 /
  4. I think my mum is emotionally abusing me?

    Started by Monstermoo / 20/07/2016 00:19 / Replies 7
    I wasnt sure if I should do this. But I feel so alone and I need help. I never realized I was bei...

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    By Monstermoo /
  5. Am I geting emotionally abused?

    Started by chloe21 / 14/06/2016 16:44 / Replies 2
    Hi. I live with my father and have for about 4 years now, when I first moved in he was brilliant!...

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    By 24Dance68 /
  6. Emotional abuse at school

    Started by pegasus1806 / 04/07/2016 21:18 / Replies 1
    This boy at my school keeps doing things to get my attetion. To start of with he told me he was g...

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    By Lemons-Strawberries /
  7. i wish id told someone earlier...

    Started by LuciferSavedMe / 04/07/2016 21:15 / Replies 1
    So there was a guy. I met him once as he's a friend of a friend, he seemed like a good guy, he wa...

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    By Lemons-Strawberries /
  8. My step dad hates me

    Started by Eloiseabeth / 29/06/2016 21:11 / Replies 5
    2 weeks ago i went to a sleepover at my friends house and when i came back, after my mum got out ...

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    By W3bbie /
  9. My parents + school is emotionally abusing me.

    Started by VideoGames32 / 28/06/2016 23:23 / Replies 1
    This started since I was small. He keeps telling me that I'm a stupid kid, that I don't do anythi...

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    By Snowy-Dove /
  10. I cant cope

    Started by Sarah2003 / 28/06/2016 13:44 / Replies 2
    I feel like I am getting emotionally abused by my family. Everyday they always say something. Onc...

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    By Childline-Host /