Alcohol, Smoking and Drugs

This content might introduce themes and ideas that may be confusing or shocking if you have not experienced them before.   

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  1. Friend and shisha

    Started by candycool / 22/07/2016 00:21 / Replies 4
    My friend (who is 13) started using shisha and I was wondering is it legal? Is it safe? Should I ...

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    By Temporary53351827 /
  2. Drugs and alcohol experience.

    Started by CigBreak5 / 21/07/2016 22:47 / Replies 2
    I wanted to share my experiences with bad substances and habits with you. I understand that my ex...

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    By CigBreak5 /
  3. to much weed

    Started by fuzbwdvysgrd / 03/07/2016 22:18 / Replies 3
    so im a 15 year old boy, and i've been smoking weed since i was about 12, been smoking since abou...

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    By NintendoJ /
  4. loved the feeling

    Started by helpmenow14 / 19/06/2016 21:59 / Replies 1
    I know it seems bad i loved the feeling of being drunk but ive litrally drank friday night also l...

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    By Badmanmc23 /
  5. Smoking

    Started by MelD16 / 02/07/2016 17:06 / Replies 2
    Obviously my parents don't know I've ever smoked and I'm not addicted to it but I do tend to thin...

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    By prinny00 /
  6. fags, kush and booze

    Started by Elysha6132 / 02/07/2016 00:08 / Replies 2
    im 13 years old, 14 in 2 months and have been smoking since i was 12. i used to only smoke at wee...

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    By LONG0340 /
  7. Cannabis

    Started by Chloe-xo1020 / 30/06/2016 10:52 / Replies 2
    Where to start... I need to talk to other people about their experiences of this drug and how to ...

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    By kezzac /
  8. getting into bad habbits...

    Started by livin-lovin / 30/06/2016 00:06 / Replies 1
    basically, i'm 17 and since i was around 14 ive been smoking weed and drinking excessively etc bu...

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    By KilljoysUnite /
  9. Stomach pumped

    Started by aimeek / 27/06/2016 22:01 / Replies 4
    Can you have your stomach pumped if you get too drunk?

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    By footballstar727 /
  10. I need it

    Started by fnhvhdgcsf / 24/06/2016 21:28 / Replies 0
    wen i dont have shisha, i get so angry and im nit the same as when i have it i wanna stop tho