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  1. advice on a situation in my relationship

    Started by SplendidCyclingOtter2507 / 21/07/2022 19:40 / Replies 3
    Hi, im 16 and ive been dating my boyfriend for nearly a year and a half. He's amazing to me and h...

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    By BrightThinkingZebra2084 /
  2. What do I do?

    Started by GlitteryJoggingAlpaca7575 / 29/07/2022 19:39 / Replies 1
    On Sunday (5 days ago) I broke up with my girlfriend. I'm still totally into her, she's amazing. ...

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    By SilverRollingGoose9763 /
  3. Looking for a relationship

    Started by AwesomeWorkingBee3612 / 29/07/2022 00:00 / Replies 1
    I'm looking for a girl who will love me for who I am and help me with my soical anxiety I'm 18 an...

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    By SilverRollingGoose9763 /
  4. Returning from long distance

    Started by ArtisticSkatingAlpaca8757 / 26/07/2022 23:25 / Replies 0
    My boyfriend has been away for a few months for his gap year. I didnt see him much before he went...
  5. Want to help the boys I like

    Started by ArtisticReadingLlama5185 / 26/07/2022 19:15 / Replies 0
    so theres this boy that i like right, and theres this girl that likes him. im pretty aure this bo...
  6. an update lol cus it’s gotten worse

    Started by LovelyDiggingLadybug3752 / 26/07/2022 14:09 / Replies 0
    this is an update on the i hate this one on here but my friend has me as alexs bae on snap and ba...
  7. how to make out??

    Started by i-love-chips / 10/06/2022 22:10 / Replies 4
    soo um i asked my crush out and they said yes (woo hoo!), were going on a picnic soon and althoug...

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    By ProudReadingSeal5463 /
  8. Issues in a relationship

    Started by SuperPosingFox4277 / 24/07/2022 21:03 / Replies 2
    So a bit about me; ​ I've been struggling with my identity for a while but I've settled on using ...

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    By cherrylikescrystals /
  9. q and a

    Started by WarmThinkingPuma4710 / 20/05/2022 21:12 / Replies 20
    ;anybody got any questions about relationships? i will try answer as best i can. we all go throug...

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    By KindHoppingDove1680 /
  10. I'm gay and in a relationship - feel free ask me questions!

    Started by RoyalTurningOtter8043 / 20/07/2022 21:22 / Replies 0
    I am a minority within minorities, being a Chinese, being gay