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  1. Anxiety and loneliness

    Started by hellolavkavskb / 26/09/2020 08:58 / Replies 0
    i started yr 7 this year and over the summer holidays i had made friends with a girl but when we ...
  2. cant text friends whilst self-isolating

    Started by loolimstressed / 25/09/2020 21:10 / Replies 0
    So someone i have been in close contact with has been tested positive now I have to self isolate ...
  3. Guilt

    Started by Alpoco-Loco / 20/09/2020 21:55 / Replies 1
    Sometimes when I feel sad I want to talk to someone. I don’t want to burden my friends and my par...

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  4. Improve the Games and the Art Box

    Started by RainbowOstrichBrownie / 15/08/2020 18:25 / Replies 5
    Hi Jas and people who run the website, I know it's a small thing, but there are only 8 games that...

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    By OceanRaven /
  5. .

    Started by FightingForeverGirl / 16/09/2020 21:24 / Replies 1
    I LOVE how ChildLine advertises as someplace to listen to children and then does everything they ...

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    By OceanRaven /
  6. Childline's confidentiality info page

    Started by Jas-Host / 20/08/2020 14:50 / Replies 7
    Hi everyone, We know that the confidentiality offered is a big part of the reason lots of you use...

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    By Jas-Host /
  7. Being cat called

    Started by Jrdboit / 11/09/2020 07:14 / Replies 2
    hi guys have any of u ever been cat called or anything like that i was cat called yesterday and i...

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    By Jrdboit /
  8. Confidence and self esteem

    Started by Sometimesitbelikethat / 06/09/2020 22:03 / Replies 1
    hi! im 15 going on 16, and for most of my life ive struggled with my confidence. ive hated the wa...

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    By Blackcurranticecream /
  9. My friend has a crush on me but I don’t like him!

    Started by Super2 / 08/09/2020 22:22 / Replies 0
    Hi there! So my friend just admitted to liking me today after me, him and my other friend were jo...
  10. When will emails be fixed?

    Started by BennyWithABlackSuit / 08/09/2020 16:20 / Replies 2
    I've noticed that emails aren't working right now. Does anyone here know why they are broken and ...

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