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  1. My family not caring /

    Started by Bakugouxdeku / 11/10/2019 20:37 / Replies 1
    basically yesterday my brother pushed me off my bed stepped on ky ankle and kicked me in the ribs...

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    By Susiie /
  2. I don’t think my parents like me

    Started by marasd22 / 31/07/2019 14:00 / Replies 1
    I get into fights with my parents nearly every single day. They say stuff that really hurts me an...

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    By Secret213 /
  3. Death of Mom and new changes

    Started by Temporary15260406 / 04/10/2019 00:26 / Replies 1
    My mum was the only person I was open to and when she died I feel like that was snatched away fro...

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    By Childline-Host /
  4. I need to tell my mum something but don’t know how

    Started by Temporary10344161 / 04/09/2019 14:42 / Replies 5
    Hi, im sam (f 14) and i need help asking my mum for therapy cause i don‘t know how. I’ve told her...

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    By idkhmlicdtfbikms /
  5. On being a weirdo

    Started by Lonely-outsider / 25/05/2019 08:49 / Replies 11
    Hello, my name is Niall (had at least 3 different names in the past) and I'm 13 and I have autism...

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    By Lonely-outsider /
  6. i havent got any friends

    Started by william2503 / 26/09/2019 12:33 / Replies 2
    im william im 16 and i have left school and i havent got any friends to hang out with they all le...

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    By Temporary04922219 /
  7. Anyone want to be my friend?

    Started by cosmicwolf / 29/04/2019 21:35 / Replies 20
    Um Hi, I wondered if any of you would like to be my friend? My name is Holly, my favourite colour...

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    By Temporary04922219 /
  8. Bullying

    Started by Temporary00977565 / 15/10/2019 00:34 / Replies 0
    I’m being bullied... ​ 2 of my ex’s who HATED eachother are now together, and they’re lying...
  9. Is it ok to leave a child alone while going for a drink at the pub?

    Started by sadbubble / 30/09/2019 20:54 / Replies 0
    I’m an 11 year old and my sister is an 8 year old and our dad leaves us at home nearly everyday a...
  10. :(

    Started by Panicker123 / 14/09/2019 22:54 / Replies 2
    I constantly just want to disappear. I often think about going on a walk and never coming back, j...

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    By wonderballoon11 /