Hobbies and Interests

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  1. Crochet

    Started by Blossomingflower / 28/06/2020 13:57 / Replies 0
    I have been crocheting on and off for quite a while now. It is really good for your mental health...
  2. Anyone who likes creating stories/poems/songs here?

    Started by Nate-Hi / 27/06/2020 21:03 / Replies 0
    Hi im a kid who also writes. Heres a poem i made just now about being in foster care: Everyday i ...
  3. Ace Attorney

    Started by Isabel-Izzie / 28/05/2020 21:30 / Replies 2
    hey, are there any Ace Attorney fans out there? i’m currently on the third game of the Phoenix Wr...

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    By Isabel-Izzie /
  4. Guitar tips

    Started by MelTy-Icelolly / 19/06/2020 22:36 / Replies 1
    does anyone have any tips for the guitar i am a complete beginner in guitar though i have played ...

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    By be-happyxx27 /
  5. Doctor Who

    Started by whovian101 / 05/02/2017 22:02 / Replies 18
    Is there anyone who just wants to talk about Doctor Who. Fave character, best villain, best docto...

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    By hard2behappy /
  6. Netflix / tv reviews

    Started by Blossomingflower / 15/06/2020 10:17 / Replies 0
    Hello Everyone, I hope your doing well! I made this thread to give you some new ideas of things t...
  7. New hobby ideas?

    Started by Wispa123 / 29/05/2020 10:03 / Replies 4
    hi, i was just wondering if anyone had any ideas for hobbies that i could get into to distract my...

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    By Blossomingflower /
  8. Rick Riordan Books (Warning: There might be spoilers from all of the books, not just one series)

    Started by x-alex-x / 21/12/2018 12:22 / Replies 8
    Hi! I love all the Rick Riordan books! I thought I might put a little quiz, then put some questio...

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    By PurpleShades /
  9. Cool crafts to doooooooooooo

    Started by JalapenoFace / 04/06/2020 11:07 / Replies 3
    Heyy So this thread is about any crafts you guys have been doing to stay motivated and interested...

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    By Repunzel /
  10. Unmotivated

    Started by Maisy3897 / 03/06/2020 19:15 / Replies 3
    how to you guys stay motivated and adventurous. i find myself scrolling endlessly on tiktoks, or ...

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    By Vivid-Sunset /