Gender Identity

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  1. Queer/trans conversations 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

    Started by BusyCatchingPuffin7252 / 16/10/2021 19:06 / Replies 17
    Hi, I’m a non-binary lesbian and I thought i’d just make this thread to meet fellow queer and tra...

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    By stuck-in-combat7 /
  2. 'Any pronouns' problems

    Started by ThePenSystem / 18/10/2021 22:02 / Replies 1
    so i use any pronouns, but im AFAB (assigned female at birth) and everyone just uses she because ...

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    By PowerfulYawningRobin3423 /
  3. coming out tips

    Started by KindWalkingPanda8886 / 16/10/2021 01:01 / Replies 0
    hey again! alysha here. (sorry i changed names since the last post, i was trying it out) i was ju...
  4. (Because genderfluid) My pronouns.

    Started by Lesbiangenderfluid078 / 23/08/2021 21:40 / Replies 1
    Hi!!! I will reply to this to update it, please use the newest pronouns! Name: Malachi Current Ge...

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    By Lesbiangenderfluid078 /
  5. Gender Identity

    Started by LivelyCyclingLynx5867 / 13/10/2021 18:59 / Replies 2
    Hello, Im zero and im non-binary. My perents are not spurting me because they think im just ‘conf...

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    By CautiousDiggingBee6795 /
  6. too young to think about gender?

    Started by nonbinosaur / 13/10/2021 20:09 / Replies 5
    hey, i have been looking into it for a while and i am pretty sure i am gender fluid, sometimes i ...

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    By CautiousDiggingBee6795 /
  7. online non binary freindship group!! come join the love!!

    Started by TheHelpingChicken / 12/01/2021 14:03 / Replies 35
    hello! my names chicken, and like a lo of you out there, i am non binary! and welcome to the non ...

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    By ActiveCyclingBadger4269 /
  8. help ig

    Started by GoldenFlyingKoala7277 / 12/10/2021 22:05 / Replies 1
    so hello im a boy well i think but im not sure honestly im currently using my vent pages as help ...

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    By FamalamalamilyNDQ /
  9. varying levels of dysphoria???

    Started by KindWalkingPanda8886 / 13/10/2021 19:40 / Replies 2
    hey, my name's isla and i'm transgender (mtf). i have always wanted to be a girl, if you were to ...

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    By FamalamalamilyNDQ /
  10. I kind of feel like the odd one out

    Started by Kian2Swag / 25/02/2021 01:47 / Replies 3
    Hi, I'm Kian (ftm) I'm going to be very brief with this... I went to an all girls high school and...

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    By CautiousPosingPuffin3787 /