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  1. Fashion style

    Started by BisexualAndaDemigirl / 09/04/2021 12:16 / Replies 3
    Umm, hey I'm trying to find my "style" because everyone else in my class has. Any advid...

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    By Ash-on-a-M0nday /
  2. What to Wear for Boys...?

    Started by RainbowOstrichBrownie / 18/08/2020 11:35 / Replies 9
    Hi, I'm a girl and I'd like boys (or girls maybe) to be interested in me (as in a girlfriend, boy...

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    By CloudyVibingAlpaca4338 /
  3. Piercings

    Started by Coffeeislife476 / 26/06/2021 13:59 / Replies 3
    Hey! I want to get another piercing, i already have my ear lobes pierced but i want to get a coup...

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    By Coffeeislife476 /
  4. Anyone else into new wave/goth/punk?

    Started by phantasmagoric / 03/05/2021 23:19 / Replies 3
    Heyyyy I'm the only alternative 80s kid in my area so I'm trying to find any others? I feel reall...

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    By Ash-on-a-M0nday /
  5. Is anyone interested in 80's fashion?

    Started by CommonPeople / 05/06/2021 01:16 / Replies 1
    I really like 80's fashion, my favourite bit about it is the hair! The big poofy dramatic hair! I...

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    By MrOFrog1 /
  6. makeup tips x

    Started by the-roses / 05/06/2021 09:48 / Replies 0
    hey, i was wondering if anyone had makeup tips, atm i do wear makeup but quite light coverage, i ...
  7. Alternative fashion

    Started by Ash-on-a-M0nday / 13/09/2020 12:49 / Replies 4
    What do you consider alternative fashion and what do you think you have to do to be classed as al...

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    By DarkRainbow4657 /
  8. I don’t have cool or nice clothes to wear

    Started by Temporary55216609 / 11/04/2021 16:35 / Replies 2
    so im 12 years old and the only shops i shop at are next and new look because i dont know any oth...

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    By AmazingFlyingDeer8524 /
  9. Goth/Punk?

    Started by Ash-on-a-M0nday / 20/11/2020 15:42 / Replies 1
    Has anyone got any good Goth/Punk outfit ideas as well as good bands that fall in these genres to...

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    By phantasmagoric /
  10. What to wear!

    Started by Lesbiangenderfluid078 / 08/04/2021 21:48 / Replies 2
    Hey guys So this doesn't sound urgent but I'm just a random girl with limited clothes, I'm 9 and ...

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    By Lesbiangenderfluid078 /