Emotional Abuse

Reading this content might be upsetting and trigger difficult feelings and emotions if you have experienced these events or feelings in the past

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  1. Abuse

    Started by KindMarchingGoose7476 / 29/06/2021 23:48 / Replies 2
    ive never done this before so sorry if im like bad at it or whatever but i get emotionally abused...

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    By LivelySkatingRobin7462 /
  2. Depressed

    Started by LuckySmilingBadger2733 / 22/09/2021 00:50 / Replies 0
    i feel scared and i dont what to do. pleae help??
  3. Emotional Abuse

    Started by FlexibleSkatingFox9423 / 18/09/2021 02:17 / Replies 2
    Emotional abuse isn't talked about enough, being threatened(empty), called pathetic and useless, ...

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    By BuddyBooToYou /
  4. i need help.

    Started by a-vs-dave-fan / 17/09/2021 20:43 / Replies 3
    hey. im lotus. i think my mum is emotionally abusing me. she yells at me a lot. she treats me bet...

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    By BuddyBooToYou /
  5. Is this emotional abuse?

    Started by CalmVibingSwan9368 / 17/09/2021 22:03 / Replies 2
    My mum likes to call me bitch, cunt, wanker, twat , dumbass , fat , weak , useless, and I underst...

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    By a-vs-dave-fan /
  6. no clue if this is emotional abuse. please lmk if it is. (and if it isn't then what it is)

    Started by UniqueRunningDeer5248 / 06/09/2021 19:47 / Replies 1
    hi! i'm milo (12) and whenever i cry my parents (mostly my mother) find a way to link my emotions...

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    By fluttertudle /
  7. Can’t deal with the mental torture

    Started by GoldenJumpingTiger6469 / 02/09/2021 20:12 / Replies 1
    My mum is really horrible to me, she screams at me for the littlest things. My dad knows what i g...

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    By lemonade88 /
  8. Idk

    Started by KindThinkingFox3170 / 04/09/2021 13:58 / Replies 0
    i have this thing with my mum , she likes to yell at me alot or whatever and i admit im nit a gre...
  9. Cant deal with abuse

    Started by GracefulSmilingLynx6564 / 22/08/2021 22:21 / Replies 1
    Hey guys this is going to be quite long but please please take some time to read it i really need...

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    By PowerfulRunningBee9126 /
  10. This guy won’t leave me alone!

    Started by GoldenCatchingWolf3100 / 01/09/2021 01:57 / Replies 1
    i need advice. this guy is nearly 30 with 2 kids. ive made it clear im not interested but he is s...

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    By PowerfulRunningBee9126 /