Creative Writing

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  1. (VERY ROUGH) draft of my story

    Started by BennyWithAWhy / 27/09/2021 19:11 / Replies 9
    This story has been going around my head for 3/4 years now but I never wrote any of it down prope...

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    By BennyWithAWhy /
  2. What counts as creative writing

    Started by Probably-Playing-Sport / 16/10/2021 12:42 / Replies 2
    Hi, This isnt me showing creative writing I was just wondering what counts as creative writing. I...

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    By AlpacaInATrenchcoat /
  3. Maverick’s Tavern RP

    Started by QueerQueen / 10/08/2021 17:05 / Replies 62
    Hi! This is a fantasy rp, the main setting being the small town of Bellwaye in the north of Engla...

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    By SleepyWorkingAlpaca1872 /
  4. Family RP

    Started by BuddyBooToYou / 06/10/2021 19:38 / Replies 38
    Hello, I haven't really created an RP before so I thought I'd give it a go. What do you think? We...

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    By PokeTrainerTiger /
  5. The True Light (my made-up story)

    Started by Reading-Sheep / 16/09/2021 08:11 / Replies 7
    The whole world is burning. It will burn until every nation has fallen, until those who oppose us...

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    By Reading-Sheep /
  6. Role play

    Started by BookLeopard / 11/08/2021 17:19 / Replies 111
    Hi, Would anyone like to do a roleplay where we're in school, and then the teacher leaves and the...

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    By Bisexual-Bookworm- /
  7. A small thing with my Star Wars oc

    Started by AlpacaInATrenchcoat / 06/10/2021 18:37 / Replies 7
    Hi y’all. So, I’ve gotten very into Star Wars again, and I made a Star Wars oc. His name is Ceran...

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    By AlpacaInATrenchcoat /
  8. Another thing with my Star Wars oc

    Started by AlpacaInATrenchcoat / 10/10/2021 22:16 / Replies 1
    Hi y’all. So, I’m writing on another thread with a small adventure with this character, however I...

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    By AlpacaInATrenchcoat /
  9. Here we go again

    Started by PokeTrainerTiger / 10/10/2021 17:54 / Replies 0
    I literally just came up with this and it is so idiotic in my head so I'd better write it down. I...
  10. Loss of a creative writing coping mechanism

    Started by RoyalJumpingHare4709 / 09/10/2021 16:17 / Replies 6
    ok so wattpad is an online writing thing that i used as a coping mechanism however somehow my sch...

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    By RoyalJumpingHare4709 /