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  1. Girls Can’t Do That

    Started by Eves07 / 12/02/2018 22:18 / Replies 2
    “Girls can’t do that.” I’m sick of it. I’ve been bullied because I was a girl who played football...

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    By StrangersRcoolKids /
  2. What has our world become...

    Started by Doofleflower / 13/01/2018 08:38 / Replies 5
    I can't believe that our society has become such a train wreck. We're being held back from pursui...

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    By StrangersRcoolKids /
  3. “Housework is the woman's job"

    Started by fixmysoul / 06/12/2017 21:26 / Replies 13
    Its really unfair and stupid that people still believe that cooking and cleaning and looking afte...

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    By UserLPK /
  4. Abortion, your thoughts

    Started by MindTheGap1 / 16/02/2018 22:01 / Replies 4
    Hey guys i just wanted everyone's opinion on abortions as its being discussed a lot recently. I p...

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  5. News and derealisation

    Started by thistreeistoast / 20/02/2018 22:38 / Replies 0
    Whenever something bad happens, i get really deep or deeper into derealisation. I dont recognise ...
  6. Will we regret our attitude to syria in the future?

    Started by prolixprolix / 21/02/2018 10:10 / Replies 0
    Have we helped enough? Should we help more? Etc.
  7. Terrorism

    Started by Agbagb / 08/01/2018 21:39 / Replies 3
    so i was in the manchester arena terrorist attack and went on childline bc i needed help and my f...

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    By pocothecat /
  8. North Korea

    Started by A383JLl / 27/12/2017 09:28 / Replies 3
    Will/would North Korean missiles hit England? And if North Korea goes to war would England be inv...

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    By Doughnut100 /
  9. Donald Trump: the stain on human society

    Started by buffyqueen / 28/01/2018 11:46 / Replies 2
    will someone PLEASE explain to me how this man was elected again. Because so far I've come to the...

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    By buffyqueen /
  10. All you need to know about...

    Started by menneskelig / 29/01/2018 01:08 / Replies 1
    Hi, the posts I make will be more targeted towards helping people than asking for help. This seri...

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    By WeAreStardust /