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  1. Follow my heart-a poem

    Started by Pizzahater / 26/02/2020 19:01 / Replies 2
    They say, follow your heart, but if your heart, is in a million pieces, which one do you follow? ...

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  2. Can you hear me? (Lyrics)

    Started by The-Rocking-Geek / 07/06/2017 16:39 / Replies 7
    Can you hear me? I’m screaming inside, Can you hear my voice tonight? It’s all the words gone uns...

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  3. There is no such thing as proof-and I'll prove it ;-)

    Started by Pizzahater2 / 15/05/2020 15:52 / Replies 0
    I am on the assumtion you are looking at this post because your 'responsible-know it all' adult h...
  4. Current affairs in poetry

    Started by SuperGurl2020 / 14/05/2020 14:42 / Replies 0
    hi guys i write poetry just for fun, but i like to write about current problems in the world (lik...
  5. Why can’t I be me?

    Started by FoxEcho / 01/05/2020 09:19 / Replies 2
    Why does everyone ignore me? That I want to know. I’m no different to everyone else am I? I just ...

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  6. d

    Started by Mathmatics101 / 12/05/2020 21:05 / Replies 0
    blank clouds fall but nothing just nothing comes burnt up, chewed up, spat out help i run but not...
  7. lol....random rap i made, enjoy

    Started by rocky2294 / 09/01/2020 18:39 / Replies 8
    Oh sexy me, oh i am sexy and free oh look at this g she is such a fitty, she sings cause she a ba...

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  8. HOPEFULLY-HELPFUL-QUOTE-OF-THE-WEEK #2 (11/05/2020 - 18/05/2020)

    Started by Abagel / 11/05/2020 09:02 / Replies 3
    Please feel free to contribute any quotes yourself to help us through these tough times. They can...

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  9. My first attempt at a poem

    Started by JessJJJ / 05/05/2020 23:42 / Replies 2
    hey this is a poem about my ex bestfriend. for months after we stopped talking, i would toss and ...

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  10. I'm sorry I'm not...

    Started by Krazykid11 / 16/05/2016 11:33 / Replies 4
    A poem about being yourself and not caring, I'm sorry I'm not that girl, That girl who screams at...

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