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  1. Already in a relationship but like someone else

    Started by AlertCyclingPuma8247 / 17/10/2021 15:57 / Replies 0
    Hi. So on friday on if my friends asked me out and i said yes. But then yesterday I was at my dad...
  2. my best friend

    Started by CarefulSittingParrot4983 / 15/10/2021 13:59 / Replies 1
    so basically any relationship I get in my best friend is the main girl I worry about. she's prett...

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  3. Lack of confidence for asking out girl I like.

    Started by BookBoy7 / 15/10/2021 21:57 / Replies 2
    Hi, there is this girl i like who is in a lot of my classes. She is sporty, funny smart and reall...

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  4. relationsips and not knowing how i feel

    Started by insertusername121212 / 16/10/2021 21:54 / Replies 0
    im 16 and i am constantly told how old i am how many decision i have to make and how many goals, ...
  5. bisexual +prob wont come out ANY ADVICE NEED AN GF GIRLS PLS I BEG READ

    Started by tomz88 / 02/10/2021 23:36 / Replies 2
    hi guys what up? im bisexual th last time i was in a relatoinship was a male just let u guys know...

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  6. My boyfriend said he wanted a break

    Started by MagicalTextingLynx1888 / 05/10/2021 21:37 / Replies 1
    Hi, im 16 and gay, my boyfriend said that he wanted a break from our relationship, which im findi...

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  7. Help me please.

    Started by LivelyRestingEagle4612 / 14/10/2021 21:29 / Replies 1
    Hi. so today somone in my class told there friend that they had a crush on me and they did say th...

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  8. this girl said she loves me and now is ignoring me?

    Started by sunr4ys-bbyy / 13/10/2021 16:56 / Replies 1
    hi guys, so basically, i've liked this girl since i was 11 and we've always been very good friend...

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  9. I need to stop loving my friend

    Started by aviary8765 / 13/10/2021 23:03 / Replies 1
    Hi I really like one of my friends and I don’t think they like me the same way back and I don’t w...

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  10. Ex - Boyfriend kind of being abusive?

    Started by Ashcipid / 13/10/2021 21:34 / Replies 1
    it all started August2020 during lockdown when i started talking to my now ex boyfriend at the ti...

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    By sunr4ys-bbyy /