Eating problems

Reading this content might be upsetting and trigger difficult feelings and emotions if you have experienced these events or feelings in the past

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  1. Eating problems with sertraline

    Started by shyasabutterlfy / 19/05/2020 06:49 / Replies 1
    Hello to anyone who's reading this, thanks for reading it. So exactly a week ago now I started ta...

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    By Hollyandemrys /
  2. Eating problems and ocd

    Started by Tillytillytilly / 18/05/2020 02:26 / Replies 2
    i dont know what i have but i know i definately have something because there’s no way that how i ...

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    By Eridanus /
  3. Eating Issues

    Started by Temporary33912449 / 17/05/2020 15:36 / Replies 1
    This may seem weird to some people but i want to know if anyone else feels this way. Does anybody...

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    By Tillytillytilly /
  4. i want to lose weight

    Started by tsusuyeo / 23/04/2020 10:10 / Replies 2
    i'm sorry for posting message after message but i have no one to actually talk to so... here i am...

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    By Temporary98159189 /
  5. Anorexia ED

    Started by Temporary27458503 / 15/03/2017 01:32 / Replies 5
    Hey... I am a sufferer of anorexia and things are getting much worse and everything is out of con...

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    By Temporary98159189 /
  6. i need help

    Started by tsusuyeo / 19/04/2020 16:40 / Replies 2
    so... basically i've been struggling with food since i was a child. i'm a restrictive eater and i...

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    By Temporary98159189 /
  7. Starvation thoughts

    Started by BlueTurtles / 01/05/2020 13:11 / Replies 2
    i keep coming up with plans to starve myself and then after ive come up with it i feel bad for my...

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    By Temporary98159189 /
  8. Girlfriend has bulimia

    Started by Riversong7 / 04/05/2020 14:58 / Replies 2
    so my girlfriend clearly has bulimia - she regularly eats loads and then vomits it up. she said s...

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    By Temporary98159189 /
  9. Eating + I wanna end it all

    Started by T3mptt / 17/05/2020 06:00 / Replies 1
    ive struggled with food for many years im 14 now btw. and when im depressed i starve myself becau...

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    By Temporary98159189 /
  10. My eating habits ( TW )

    Started by Bats-are-my-life / 15/05/2020 22:14 / Replies 2
    ive struggled with food for years. when i first started highschool i had fell out with my old fre...

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    By Dancingqueen2004 /