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  1. I don't know if I should be friends with them?

    Started by the-meaning-of-life-is-42 / 02/06/2016 21:52 / Replies 2
    So, I have a small group of best friends, who I have been friends with for 3 years, but I don't k...

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    By AllyZeb10 /
  2. Best-friends Boyfriend

    Started by TwistingTangooo / 01/06/2016 23:41 / Replies 0
    Would appreciate advice :) So basically around 8/7 months ago my bestfriend got a boyfriend, and ...
  3. Qualities of best friends?

    Started by fixmysoul / 01/06/2016 15:17 / Replies 1
    Are there certain rules on how to regard someone as ur best friend? Can u still call someone a be...

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    By Max-Host /
  4. Worried about myself and others

    Started by LilyRosane / 29/05/2016 17:32 / Replies 0
    I've been really quite mean to one friend and now she's said she's afraid of me. Another friend i...
  5. I hate my life

    Started by A383JLl / 28/05/2016 22:14 / Replies 1
    I'm in year 7 now. I have never had friends until the start of the year but really, my life is as...

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    By fixmysoul /
  6. i dont want friends

    Started by dazednconfucius / 27/05/2016 21:32 / Replies 1
    Lately we've been having exams at school and stuff and one of my friends is becoming more annoyin...

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    By Ya-boi /
  7. I dont know how to help her

    Started by Skythedragon / 27/05/2016 21:10 / Replies 1
    Today, a friend came to my house so we could walk to school together .A group of seven or more (I...

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    By shona4 /
  8. It's a mess

    Started by Jessiejessica2454 / 26/05/2016 22:27 / Replies 1
    Hi. So my friends fall out like everyday/week. I hate it. One of my closest friends has completel...

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    By fixmysoul /
  9. Swapping Groups???

    Started by TwistingTangooo / 26/05/2016 20:09 / Replies 1
    Hello so as a teen its usual to be swapping around groups a la da da, but lately ive got a more d...

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    By LilyRosane /
  10. I don't know how to support her

    Started by AmericanPie12 / 26/05/2016 06:59 / Replies 1
    Hey everyone, So my best friend had a panic attack... I helped her through it, she's recovered fr...

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    By Jessexox /