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  1. ...hello

    Started by StarrySpatular / 25/06/2016 20:09 / Replies 1
    Hi Me and my friends love tease each other but they take it to far. One time told me to 'do us a ...

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    By NeedHelp8800 /
  2. My friend

    Started by Reaper461 / 19/06/2016 21:10 / Replies 1
    There is a lot of history with me and my friend and it affects us both a lot. We have hurt each o...

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    By Really131 /
  3. I'm just tired..of everything

    Started by extrovertminds / 18/06/2016 15:56 / Replies 0
    My dad's took my tablet and 2ds away and he's changed the wifi password and said he's unplugging ...
  4. Worried about my friend

    Started by elz5094 / 18/06/2016 12:26 / Replies 1
    My friend got asked online by a stranger weather she likes sex and we are in year 7. She blocked ...

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    By fixmysoul /
  5. Judging

    Started by Oreoruby / 16/06/2016 20:50 / Replies 1
    I started secondary skl in September last year In yr 7 and a few weeks ago I was ill, and after t...

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    By Haffy8693 /
  6. Relplaced ?

    Started by lola124 / 14/06/2016 21:06 / Replies 1
    I have started year 7 this year so naturally , things are hard. I've had this best friend I've kn...

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    By fixmysoul /
  7. Mixed Signals (Help)

    Started by TwistingTangooo / 11/06/2016 21:57 / Replies 0
    So since ive started at work theres been this girl that works there thats a few years older than ...
  8. Anyone?

    Started by CuteCatCactus / 11/06/2016 11:25 / Replies 2
    I just need a person that understands, my friends are really close and I feel left out. They post...

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    By medoit /
  9. My friend is really upset and I don't know how to help him

    Started by Flemella1 / 09/06/2016 19:37 / Replies 0
    So my friend likes this girl and they used to go out. When she broke up with him he was devastate...
  10. School trip

    Started by 21pilots1 / 09/06/2016 19:24 / Replies 3
    Hi, I have a really big school trip coming up soon and I'm so worried about it. It's to a theme p...

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