Creative Writing

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  1. How I feel, I guess.

    Started by AnimalLoverr / 05/09/2016 19:30 / Replies 1
    I am climbing up the ladder. My mind is floating in a sea of happiness as I climb towards the pea...

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  2. Quote Jar!

    Started by ACandyCane / 31/08/2016 19:58 / Replies 2
    Hey Everyone, Its Emma, For those of you that don't know me I'm Emma and I'm 14 years old. So I l...

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    By ACandyCane /
  3. The journey home from school.

    Started by IamMe9876 / 21/07/2016 13:40 / Replies 9
    The bell rang for the final time, and she knew that day was done. She cast a faint, false smile a...

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  4. Tiger's Blog

    Started by NeonTiger-C137 / 26/08/2016 21:54 / Replies 10
    Hey guys. So I saw a few of these around and since I'm never entirely sure if I want to post anyt...

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  5. What if...? (Story inspiration and fun game)

    Started by -Rue-B / 25/08/2016 15:33 / Replies 3
    Hi everyone! I really wanted to start this game (it's not really a game, I don't know what it is)...

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    By psychodragongirlx8 /
  6. A haunted place (with a difference)

    Started by Sighhhh / 27/06/2016 20:41 / Replies 2
    'In Flanders' fields the poppies blow.' These words pop into my head. The field is littered with ...

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  7. Journal Locked

    Started by Whydidithappentome / 23/08/2016 15:11 / Replies 5
    Hi, I'm scared to write this. I need a journal though. And mood journal doesn't work for me. So I...

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  8. The Letter's We Will Never Send

    Started by PrettyLittlePyscho / 23/08/2016 19:13 / Replies 0
    I saw this somewhere recently but basically it's a way to get things off your chest without worry...
  9. Any ideas for my story?

    Started by MxSomeone / 08/08/2016 19:30 / Replies 7
    Hey guys, So I have began to write another story. I am currently on the second chapter and things...

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  10. Diary of a Nuisance (or so everyone thaught) Prologue

    Started by crazystripes / 21/08/2016 18:09 / Replies 1
    There's always that one person in school who doesn't seem like they know how to be serious; the c...

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