Physical Abuse

Reading this content might be upsetting and trigger difficult feelings and emotions if you have experienced these events or feelings in the past

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  1. Childhood abuse /

    Started by xhellokitty2008x / 22/10/2021 13:02 / Replies 1
    I'm not sure anymore but when I was younger (13 now) looking back I'm thinking that I may have be...

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    By PowerfulRunningBee9126 /
  2. I finally figured it out

    Started by TheSealSystem / 30/10/2021 11:44 / Replies 0
    I finally have figured put why my mom stopped spanking me after I turned 7 or 8. ( I cant remembe...
  3. Abuse...

    Started by RoyalTurningBee5982 / 24/10/2021 15:36 / Replies 0
    i never thought id come here but here i am. Hi. Im a 15 year old in the Uk and my older brother a...
  4. zubam001 abuse

    Started by zubam001 / 07/12/2020 16:58 / Replies 4
    my name is muhammad i have been abused by my step mum for the lat 5 years i have been heart threa...

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    By PowerfulRunningBee9126 /
  5. How to deal with physical abuse

    Started by Silent-Night / 02/10/2021 19:44 / Replies 0
    I would encourage you to talk with one of the ChildLine counsellors who will be able to provide y...
  6. Someone spat on me

    Started by Coffeeislife476 / 02/10/2021 22:44 / Replies 0
    Not sure which board to put this on... A few years ago someone who bullied me found me on the str...
  7. abuse /

    Started by sophieeeeeee11111 / 22/09/2020 23:29 / Replies 6
    my friend is being physically and mentally abused at home by her parents, and has been from a rea...

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    By LivelyThinkingOtter9930 /
  8. Question.

    Started by BuddyBooToYou / 06/09/2021 14:44 / Replies 2
    If someone used to be abusive but have changed then is it necessary for something to be done abou...

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    By BuddyBooToYou /
  9. is this abuse

    Started by AmazingSkatingRhino9665 / 16/08/2021 19:46 / Replies 2
    my mum took away all my gadgets and my sister left for university 4 hours away and she never give...

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    By PowerfulRunningBee9126 /
  10. Tw- abuse

    Started by GracefulDabbingLion6576 / 21/08/2021 16:40 / Replies 1
    my mum has recently been hitting punching and kicking me ive told some people i trust and shes de...

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    By PowerfulRunningBee9126 /