Learning Difficulties

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  1. Anybody feel not Dyslexic ect enough

    Started by K-aTJ39 / 24/05/2021 21:49 / Replies 6
    I don't feel dyslexic enough because i can read and seem outwardly clever anybody else

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    By K-aTJ39 /
  2. Dyschat area

    Started by Iamaluckylesbien / 02/11/2020 08:56 / Replies 22
    I homestly think this will help. Here is our space to chat about all things dys (dyslexia dysprax...

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    By K-aTJ39 /
  3. Tics/Tourette’s

    Started by MyDogHasDogThatIsDog / 22/11/2021 22:13 / Replies 0
    I’m unfortunately unable ho be diagnosed with anything or get checked right now, however for over...
  4. Adhd

    Started by poppy-alx / 11/01/2021 23:47 / Replies 9
    Hi everyone, im new here and i dont really know what else to do. Im pretty sure i have adhd as i ...

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    By CatLovingGoth /
  5. How do i help my friend with ADHD?

    Started by VibrantHopingFalcon6394 / 21/11/2021 19:41 / Replies 0
    My friend has recently got an ADHD diagnosis. I've been looking into it so I know how I can help ...
  6. Sensory chat area

    Started by RonCatWeasley / 31/10/2021 20:51 / Replies 3
    Hi, so I created this post for anyone who needs it. I am now getting tested for a lot of disorder...

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    By AlpacaInATrenchcoat /
  7. Possible dyslexia

    Started by Powerfuldancingdonkey / 18/10/2021 23:35 / Replies 4
    i hate to self diagnose which is why i am asking for advive 😊 i really struugle to read where i ...

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    By Powerfuldancingdonkey /
  8. Potential System

    Started by MyDogHasDogThatIsDog / 23/09/2021 11:43 / Replies 14
    ’Sup? I’m Bunni and I think I may be part of an OSDD system. I would like to know if theres any o...

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    By AlpacaInATrenchcoat /
  9. Autism

    Started by BisexualBliss-AceAllie / 06/08/2021 22:37 / Replies 4
    I am trying to get tested for autism. do you think im weird? I do. i have alot of traits: • finis...

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    By BisexualBliss-AceAllie /
  10. Autism Assesment

    Started by TheCastleOfCamelot / 26/10/2021 19:06 / Replies 1
    Hi everyone I would maybe like to get diagnosed for autism as I think I might be autistic. Can an...

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    By RonCatWeasley /