Sexual Abuse

Reading this content might be upsetting and trigger difficult feelings and emotions if you have experienced these events or feelings in the past

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  1. Sexual assault??

    Started by ArtisticYawningPuma9093 / 27/06/2022 01:15 / Replies 0
    I dont know if im being dramatic or if i am overthi king but from when i was like 5-6 going up to...
  2. Rape /

    Started by CaringCyclingRobin8623 / 23/02/2022 22:50 / Replies 3
    im 14, and there is this boy in my class lets call him Alex. He touched my thigh during science c...

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    By CalmJumpingFalcon6961 /
  3. sexual assault /

    Started by FlexibleWorkingAlpaca2369 / 22/06/2022 00:28 / Replies 1
    can someone please tell me if this is sexual assault because it is definitely sexual coercement b...

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    By PotatoLife /
  4. Sexual assult /

    Started by AlertWalkingTurtle6169 / 22/09/2021 21:13 / Replies 4
    i was sexually assulted last month by a collegue at work (i'm 16 and he is 23) i told the police ...

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    By ProudSharingOtter2399 /
  5. Is this intentional or assault or just a misunderstanding? I love him - any advice?

    Started by Berdie14XOXOXOX / 09/05/2022 19:42 / Replies 7
    Idk if this is the right place if it's abuse/assault or if it was intentional. Does it sound like...

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    By PurpleLeggedBalloonPerson /
  6. Sexual abuse /

    Started by WarmGivingDuck3352 / 28/05/2022 21:23 / Replies 3
    My sexual abuse by my step dad - has recently been reported i wasn't still ready to talk about it...

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    By WarmGivingDuck3352 /
  7. Sexual assault? /

    Started by -xo1caitlyn / 08/09/2021 19:54 / Replies 5
    so a few days ago I was with a close family member and I was staying at their house her (fwb) ask...

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    By CloudySurfingPanda1165 /
  8. sexual harassment

    Started by LivelyBakingKoala1929 / 07/06/2022 22:17 / Replies 0
    last year i was sitting in class and a boy started to pretend to touch himself to me, he started ...
  9. Sexually Harassed at 13 /

    Started by Night-light-s / 21/03/2022 19:09 / Replies 3
    I reported what happened twice. The first the month it happened and the second the next school ye...

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    By Night-light-s /
  10. seizures because of abuse /

    Started by LivelyRunningDove9080 / 27/05/2022 19:06 / Replies 0
    When i was 8 years old i was sexually abuse by my class teacher and some male students in my clas...