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  1. My story of being half deaf for a month

    Started by OneDayIWillGetBetter / 12/12/2018 16:31 / Replies 0
    I have a story to tell, and to be honest I have nowhere else to put it. Back in early january/feb...
  2. referrals and waiting

    Started by LooneyLaLa / 04/09/2018 23:44 / Replies 3
    Hi , I'm 17 and have struggled with suicidal thoughts and self harm for about 2/3 years. In July ...

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  3. Self harm

    Started by hm7733 / 10/11/2018 23:30 / Replies 1
    I've not hurt myself in almost two years and I thought any trace of it had gone. But I did it und...

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  4. Self harm

    Started by Glitterowlie-Windstorm / 13/07/2018 14:26 / Replies 4
    i have stopped self harming since 4 months but now the urges are vack and im really close to cutt...

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    By Temporary96481868 /
  5. Motivational Quotes For Recovery

    Started by perriesLM5 / 01/02/2018 20:05 / Replies 8
    I wanted to start a thread that people can add to and read. A positive place and something to rea...

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    By perriesLM5 /
  6. Hospital trips are always fun

    Started by tranquilityhotel / 04/09/2018 23:31 / Replies 2
    Been a tough day//night all I want is my bed only me who hates hospitals 😩😴well depressing and ...

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    By shiningstar16 /
  7. The road to recovery is not straight!

    Started by DUMBBLOOD / 26/02/2018 19:03 / Replies 10
    Hey Everyone! I’m Amber, I figured I’d tell you a little about myself & my “story”. I now kno...

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  8. Coping with Cerebral Palsy

    Started by RavenclawGal / 01/09/2018 23:15 / Replies 1
    I started this thread to talk about pain and fustration with disability. I have six different con...

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  9. Wheelchair

    Started by NutellaLeaf / 16/07/2018 00:04 / Replies 5
    4 months ago (I think) I got hit by a car that was supposedly drunk and it went into me when I wa...

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    By RavenclawGal /
  10. Reasons not to? (Share yours, please?)

    Started by AlwaysHaveHopex / 30/07/2018 13:12 / Replies 3
    Hi :) Could we do a ‘here are some reasons not to self harm’ thread? If anyone has any reasons no...

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