Puberty- Trans & Non Binary

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  1. trans and non binary

    Started by SuperStresed / 25/02/2021 07:56 / Replies 1
    first of all im a girl at age of 12 and there is a few things i need clarified to help me underst...

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  2. Dysphoria and other issues

    Started by lemonclouds / 07/09/2020 23:11 / Replies 4
    Hi, I am Matty (for the minute, I am having trouble finding a name that is more me but I don't mi...

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    By SuperStresed /
  3. Periods and Breasts

    Started by DeacyDeakyDiqi39 / 28/02/2019 08:18 / Replies 25
    Hi so my name is Andie and I’m non-binary but I’ve only come out to two of my friends. This is ju...

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    By AerTheCottageoreGay /
  4. Breasts

    Started by Nickelodeon27 / 24/02/2021 09:33 / Replies 0
    I and 13 and i have 32aa boobs and i realise that is quite small for my age but they’re starting ...
  5. Body Hair

    Started by Nickelodeon27 / 24/02/2021 09:36 / Replies 0
    hey, so first of all i have a suspicion that i might be transgender (female to male) but im not 1...
  6. ftm but have the "perfect" female body (+ rant)

    Started by tyles17 / 08/02/2021 12:27 / Replies 2
    hello lords, ladies, and those that lieth between, i'm an ftm guy, right, and i am hating everyth...

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    By tyles17 /
  7. Sexuality (mature content)

    Started by Leftdoor / 18/06/2020 22:42 / Replies 4
    Does anyone else struggle with the rift between dysphoria and sexuality. like i want to feel sexy...

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    By 3strxwbxrry3 /
  8. Confused about binding

    Started by WilburOrMiloTheCaprisun / 01/11/2020 19:01 / Replies 11
    hello!! I’m 12, and my chest area is developing; I don’t like having you-know-whats, especially w...

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  9. Help.

    Started by JJbubble / 19/01/2021 07:54 / Replies 2
    I want to start hormone blockers, but the government decided I can't until I'm 16. WHAT? How am I...

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    By FamalamalamilyNDQ /
  10. FTM my life is sad and painful PLEASE REPLY 🏳️‍🌈😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Started by ElijahNerdy / 22/12/2020 01:03 / Replies 3
    hi. im Elijah, im trans ftm, im 13. I have dysphoria and it sucks its not SUPER severe but its th...

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    By somelonerkid /