Health Worries

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  1. Will I make it out of my teen years?

    Started by EyesOfTheHeavens / 21/04/2018 17:09 / Replies 1
    I keep feeling that I won't and it's scary... I just feel for a fact I won't make it to like, I d...

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    By Temporary82546591 /
  2. OCD with time...

    Started by ItsLeviOsanotLeviosA / 25/03/2018 18:27 / Replies 6
    So I am OCD about time I have to do things at certain times. For example right now I am freaking ...

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    By ItsLeviOsanotLeviosA /
  3. I was burned by sun cream!

    Started by LostHuman2005 / 19/04/2018 07:52 / Replies 0
    I always apply sun cream when going out in weather over 20°c or else I get burned. Basically, the...
  4. Tall girl with deep voice

    Started by YasminTheWorrier / 16/04/2018 16:53 / Replies 2
    Hi. My name is Yasmin, I am 12 years old. I have always had a deep voice. It’s not extremely deep...

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    By independent14 /
  5. Dad with Parkinson’s

    Started by izzyd0007 / 09/04/2018 23:17 / Replies 6
    My dad has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s. I am at risk to get it ?? Will I have to look after h...

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    By StardustQueen /
  6. Chronic illness

    Started by bookadict / 17/04/2018 15:37 / Replies 0
    Hi, I don't know if this is the right part of the message boards to share this on or not :/ But a...
  7. Pain and Weakness

    Started by para-abnormal / 13/04/2018 14:41 / Replies 2
    Hi, For a couple of days now, if I walk even a short distance my legs feel incredibly weak. Then,...

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    By Dreamer-8 /
  8. Overweight....

    Started by gamergirl60xo / 16/04/2018 19:50 / Replies 0
    Hi. I am a girl and soon to turn 14. I have always felt very conscious about my body and over a c...
  9. Raynauds Disease/Phenomenon

    Started by rebeccaaax / 15/04/2018 00:35 / Replies 1
    hello everyone!! I’ve found barely anything about Raynauds Disease/Phenomenon and I was wondering...

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    By tillyyyyyyyyy /
  10. braces

    Started by MakeYourOwnMagic / 16/04/2018 09:40 / Replies 0
    hi, this is kinda akward to write but basically i have braces and i have had a dental checkup rec...