Mental health

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  1. Dealing with Depression

    Started by Myztery / 19/04/2019 20:41 / Replies 0
    So, I don't really know how to start this. I suffer from depression, but I guess that's obvious. ...
  2. why does no one care???

    Started by rebeccaaax / 19/04/2019 01:04 / Replies 1
    This is driving me insane. No one cares about me and how i feel. I’ve struggled with my mental he...

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    By Chazzerfiz /
  3. My mind is taking over?! /

    Started by Mental-health-sucks / 13/04/2019 19:20 / Replies 5
    I’m feeling so rubbish. I’m struggling with my mental health and feel like it’s controlling my li...

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    By ShiningStar13 /
  4. I can’t

    Started by unknownlittleone98 / 14/04/2019 13:21 / Replies 3
    I can’t do this anymore. I can’t think about anything but what happend to me. I’m not going to go...

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    By MoffScoot /
  5. Social anxiety?

    Started by just-that-gay-guy / 15/03/2019 21:02 / Replies 3
    So I am kind of an awkward person. I mean whenever someone that I haven’t known for a long time t...

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    By MoffScoot /
  6. Depersonalisation/Derealisation

    Started by Beetroot8 / 06/04/2019 15:24 / Replies 26
    Hiya, Over the last 7ish months I have been experiencing many symptoms that match with derealisat...

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    By youwillbefound-x /
  7. My OCD is driving me crazy

    Started by AnnaC6193 / 18/04/2019 14:25 / Replies 1
    So I currently have a girlfriend who i've been with for almost a year now. She's great, understan...

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    By youwillbefound-x /
  8. Existential Crisis, or Am I The Problem? Any Advice? D:

    Started by smoltina / 16/02/2018 23:25 / Replies 1
    My 'Existential Crisis' phase was something I went through when I was 8 years old. (For anyone wh...

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    By PurpleGummyBear1 /
  9. Doctors and mental health

    Started by Justinaa / 13/04/2019 18:55 / Replies 7
    Hey so recently made an appointment with the doctors for anxiety and depression and i have a ques...

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    By Beetroot8 /
  10. Futile

    Started by The-Rocking-Geek / 15/04/2019 23:38 / Replies 0
    Life just seems pointless, it feels like everything is just ticking a box and I find no happiness...