Separation and divorce

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  1. My parents divorced years ago and I’m still not over it

    Started by FamousTurningDuck3164 / 20/09/2021 01:52 / Replies 2
    So my mum and dad split just over 8 years ago, when I was 8, because she caught him cheating and ...

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  2. Parents separating... again.

    Started by hey-its-christie / 12/10/2021 20:42 / Replies 0
    My dad can't deal with my mum (or me apparently) and is taking my adult brother and moving out. N...
  3. parents splitting up

    Started by LivelySurfingRobin9529 / 26/09/2021 01:29 / Replies 2
    my parent split up a few months ago even tho they should have when my mum cheated in my dad. my d...

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    By RoyalSmilingFrog9356 /
  4. dad saying he wants to divorce mum

    Started by AwesomeThinkingOtter5308 / 31/08/2021 01:09 / Replies 2
    hi this is my first time writing something on here so i may be a little awkward but i just needed...

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  5. parents and money

    Started by CautiousCyclingGoat6592 / 30/08/2021 17:59 / Replies 1
    as im typing this both my parents are arguing, its non stop, every single day there is something ...

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  6. I think my mum is depressed

    Started by avid-book-lover / 02/05/2021 09:26 / Replies 2
    my dad left me my mum and my sister six weeks ago. my mum seemed to just be continuing pretty muc...

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    By Donoot /
  7. I think my mum is cheating on my dad

    Started by 196173 / 27/05/2020 14:30 / Replies 2
    Hi, This morning when I woke up my mum wasnt in the house so I texted her to ask where she was. S...

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    By FamousDiggingKoala6838 /
  8. Scared my mum's going to leave or divorce

    Started by Lesbiangenderfluid078 / 10/04/2021 00:05 / Replies 5
    Omg I just listened to an argument and trying so hard to cry quietly sorry I need help so basical...

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    By FamousDiggingKoala6838 /
  9. Divorce

    Started by Perfectpuppylover1027 / 02/08/2021 11:21 / Replies 0
    Hi i’m Roxy (not real name), 3 days ago i found out my parents were divorcing when we were eating...
  10. Taking sides with Mother or Father? Who do you choose?

    Started by alaces / 25/07/2021 18:05 / Replies 1
    My parents disagree. And the disagreements involve me. Who's side do I take? And if both are wron...

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    By nobodysomebody123 /