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  1. Exclusion from school - new info and advice page /

    Started by Jas-Host / 08/11/2018 15:26 / Replies 4
    Hi everyone, We wanted to let you that we’ve got a new page in our info and advice. Childline is ...

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    By tea-and-biscuits /
  2. Kids making mental disability’s into jokes

    Started by Temporary40215371 / 14/01/2019 19:05 / Replies 1
    hi so im in year seven and lots of kids in my class/year have been making fun of the fact that so...

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    By Berdie14XOXOXOX /
  3. Don’t know if teacher is picking on me deliberately

    Started by Hp4life / 07/01/2019 22:26 / Replies 9
    ​ I’ve got to say that today going back to school was a nightmare my brain wouldn’t concent...

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    By Berdie14XOXOXOX /
  4. unable to concentrate in class

    Started by katzee / 10/01/2019 21:16 / Replies 2
    hi!! 15 yr old girl, year 10 :)) feeling very dreamy/hazy in class for a while now, and always un...

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    By Berdie14XOXOXOX /
  5. Moving forms

    Started by Performer123456 / 06/01/2019 16:13 / Replies 3
    hi. i need some help on moving forms. im moving forms because i couldn't make any friends in my o...

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    By Epic-123 /
  6. Teacher worried about me??

    Started by Killer-Queen / 16/01/2019 00:31 / Replies 0
    Hey there, Yesterday, my English teacher (he has been my teacher for the last 3 years) pulls me a...
  7. I have low self esteem and no friends

    Started by biancabee / 29/11/2018 17:35 / Replies 1
    I don't have friends at my current sixth form because of issues that happened last year, but that...

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    By 2001wonder /
  8. worrier

    Started by PinkLemonade88 / 15/01/2019 18:27 / Replies 0
    hi, just wondering if anyone would have any advice school work is stressing me as my GCSE's are t...
  9. School

    Started by Kittyy99 / 04/01/2016 21:47 / Replies 6
    Hi, Iv moved schools for my first year of a levels, and I really like it and have made friends th...

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    By sace101 /
  10. A levels

    Started by psyched / 13/01/2019 11:51 / Replies 1
    Anyone struggling with A-levels here? I'm 18 and in my last year of sixth form (college), doing p...

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    By ShanniHazel /