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  1. Trust

    Started by Puff-369 / 24/06/2018 22:13 / Replies 0
    So basically I found my mum smoking the other night. You might be thinking 'so what, loads of peo...
  2. Living with one parent

    Started by HJS213 / 24/06/2018 19:23 / Replies 0
    Basically my dad looks after me and my younger sister. He is very strict and basically doesn’t le...
  3. Bad mother

    Started by Louiseyy11 / 02/04/2015 05:32 / Replies 5
    I'm really upset with my home life and my mum is treating me like her slave all the time and I'm ...

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  4. Father's Day

    Started by littlepea6716 / 17/06/2018 16:40 / Replies 2
    yay fathers day (said with as much sarcasm as possible). Im so bored...can we not just have paren...

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  5. Mum

    Started by Ad15xx / 21/06/2018 16:21 / Replies 2
    my mum has been not talking to me since yesterday for the reason of replying to one of her texts ...

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  6. Mum wants me to live with my dad

    Started by Idkwatnicknametopick / 23/08/2017 15:09 / Replies 2
    Basically like you have read in the title my mum wants me to live with my dad who lives in anothe...

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  7. My mum burdened me with her biggest secret.

    Started by Cait-t / 10/06/2018 20:37 / Replies 2
    A bit of back story: At the moment I'm not living with my mum as we got kicked out of our house b...

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  8. This sounds a bi pathetic...

    Started by Jessyyy9 / 19/06/2018 21:12 / Replies 1
    So basically, I carry quite a heat bag into school everyday. I have to walk up a long, steep hill...

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  9. Hate home so bad!

    Started by fixmysoul / 09/06/2018 17:18 / Replies 3
    im sick of my mum not understanding that i get worked up with playing video games cuz i want to u...

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  10. cancer

    Started by kelsm / 24/10/2012 20:52 / Replies 14
    my dad has cancer i am very upset can someone help me?

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