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  1. help

    Started by Flowww / 19/09/2017 10:10 / Replies 0
    So basically i had a hunger games fan account that someone in my school has found out about. Im s...
  2. I've lost everyone

    Started by Temporary18779181 / 19/09/2017 09:49 / Replies 1
    I'm having trouble at school with most people spreading rumours about me n I don't know what to d...

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    By Flowww /
  3. Friends

    Started by feeling-forgotten / 18/09/2017 21:49 / Replies 0
    So my best friend is at a different university to me and I'm worried that they'll make more frien...
  4. ♥I'm Being Bullied♥

    Started by Cherris / 27/05/2017 13:21 / Replies 2
    Last night I phoned Child Line and found Out i was getting bullied, Any help?

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    By dogwogs /
  5. Lonely

    Started by 16andnic / 17/09/2017 17:41 / Replies 1
    hey so i feel a bit lonely right now because my best friend has told me that she is moving somewh...

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    By NorthernLights /
  6. Biggest problems

    Started by BeautifulBestForYou😊 / 18/09/2017 06:53 / Replies 0
    Hi, I am Beauty, I am girl and I am 16 years old. Me and my best friend girl called H were togeth...
  7. I'm lonely with friends

    Started by DEHFANGIRL / 16/09/2017 20:50 / Replies 1
    i have friends but im lonely they are nice but im lonely noones mean but im lonely i cover it wel...

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    By Temporary71946747 /
  8. Lonelyness

    Started by GohstlyGirl / 16/09/2017 19:20 / Replies 0
    I recently i started my new secondary school but so far i am the loneliest girl in the world i ha...
  9. 1% Self Confidence Left

    Started by NeverTheBest / 14/06/2017 22:39 / Replies 2
    Hi. So there's this girl in ny year, Y8, and she is it. She is the best at majority of sports, sh...

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    By Okay-2005 /
  10. best friend

    Started by unicorngirl10 / 13/09/2017 16:18 / Replies 2
    I have this best friend that came into school this morning crying because her mum was yelling at ...

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    By ArniBarni /