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  1. Making Friends

    Started by CaringCookingGoat4723 / 21/10/2021 16:27 / Replies 2
    Hi, At school, there are a couple of people who I speak to but I wouldn‘t really say that we are ...

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    By CaringCookingGoat4723 /
  2. broken friendship group

    Started by Tebbie / 25/10/2021 18:05 / Replies 0
    hey, so i used to have this really awesome group of friends. there were four of us and we all got...
  3. My friends

    Started by What-are-you / 23/10/2021 19:44 / Replies 0
    1. My first friends. They are fine. I just don’t talk to them often 2.My little brother He’s not ...
  4. Friends uwu /

    Started by Beautiful-Grape / 19/03/2021 05:58 / Replies 12
    Hey Everyone! my name is Priya (Pronounced Preya) My pronouns are she/her and im 11. I wanna make...

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    By LivelyThinkingGoat9992 /
  5. My friend is being ghosted 😢

    Started by DisneyFan2008 / 20/10/2021 17:58 / Replies 0
    Hi, I need some advice to help me support my friend Rebbeckah. Okay so basically Rebbeckah (Year ...
  6. Lonely

    Started by CuriousSharingDove5265 / 05/10/2021 20:22 / Replies 3
    I started year 8 a few feeks ago but ever since them I have been usually sat alone. In year 7 I w...

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    By Anonymous-skye1 /
  7. Am I just being paranoid?

    Started by CautiousThinkingLlama7072 / 15/10/2021 21:43 / Replies 3
    My 'bff' lets call them Blue is vegan, and I honestly don't have a problem with it. They can eat ...

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    By Anonymous-skye1 /
  8. No friends for 10 months. Want to make some friends

    Started by Lady-gaga-fan / 11/10/2021 17:52 / Replies 3
    before me and my previous friends had this agrument, i used to be happy about the people in my ye...

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    By Anonymous-skye1 /
  9. Friend arguments

    Started by Friendhelper-no1 / 13/10/2021 16:47 / Replies 2
    so my best friend that i have just known for a couple of months has another best friend. we used ...

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    By Superdupersloth3963 /
  10. Scared im going to lose my friends... (please help)

    Started by SourPineapple / 15/09/2021 21:11 / Replies 6
    hi, so im D and in Y9 at school. i currently am and have been in, since about half way through Y7...

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    By Betrayed-Moon /