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  1. i think my friend is ghosting me

    Started by Temporary81240710 / 28/10/2020 10:28 / Replies 0
    hi, my name is emily and im 16 years old. i have a friend (lets call him B) and B and I always ta...
  2. please read! i need help

    Started by Temporary41233971 / 15/08/2020 23:22 / Replies 30
    i would actually be so greatful if someome could give me advice on this! like really really appre...

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    By Temporary41233971 /
  3. Briefly.

    Started by roarsu162847 / 26/10/2020 23:29 / Replies 1
    Hi there, I’ll try to keep this as brief as possible. So in short, I have the best friend I could...

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    By unsureonwhattoputhere /
  4. Friends

    Started by Pass1234 / 05/10/2020 19:52 / Replies 3
    hi can i ask something??

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    By unsureonwhattoputhere /
  5. Best Friends Forever!... right?

    Started by PeanutFeelsOkay / 26/10/2020 00:13 / Replies 0
    Hi! I’m Glitch and I am 11 years old! I need some help. Recently I’ve noticed my best friend misg...
  6. Toxic best friend

    Started by Loner360 / 20/08/2020 23:03 / Replies 5
    so i have known this girl for all my life our muns are all friends so we were quite close, but th...

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    By PeanutFeelsOkay /
  7. friends

    Started by Max127 / 29/01/2020 18:30 / Replies 1
    I was friends with this girl and she lied to me and i don't know if i should trust her and she wa...

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    By PeanutFeelsOkay /
  8. losing friends

    Started by loki--- / 21/10/2020 18:55 / Replies 8
    So I started high school recently with my two bestfriends (F&L) and a few other friends. F fe...

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    By loki--- /
  9. Friends

    Started by Temporary41550182 / 15/02/2020 15:03 / Replies 3
    i have gotten closer with one of my friends in the last month or so and our other three friends a...

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    By PeanutFeelsOkay /
  10. Very flamboyant friend.

    Started by Granite / 23/10/2020 23:21 / Replies 1
    My friend, (we're both 12,) is one of those flamboyant LGBTs. Nothing against LGBT, my good frien...

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    By emptyson /