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  1. Any posh folks? /

    Started by BennyWithABlackSuit / 22/07/2020 19:11 / Replies 145
    Ha ha is anyone here as obsessed with suits/suspenders as I am. I find them really cool. If so, w...

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    By BennyWithABlackSuit /
  2. shirts and t shirts?

    Started by -blohsh- / 28/10/2020 11:11 / Replies 0
    i love the indie kid aesthetic, i think its dope. . today im going into town with my friend and i...
  3. Tangled hair control

    Started by Oatythecat100 / 03/09/2020 20:12 / Replies 2
    Hi, I have longish (its a bit above waist length) dark brown thick wavy hair that tangles and mat...

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    By Mug-of-tea /
  4. Anyone else love 80s clothing styles?

    Started by System747 / 04/09/2020 10:14 / Replies 2
    If so, what good 80s outfits do you recommend. So far I've got some converse, some jeans and boot...

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    By System747 /
  5. Mori Kei

    Started by Lizzie-12345 / 13/07/2020 19:20 / Replies 3
    I realised a little earlier that there wasn't ant forums (if you call this that) about people tha...

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    By Lizzie-12345 /
  6. Historical fashion :)

    Started by Temporary51610711 / 23/09/2020 11:30 / Replies 2
    Hello! so i love historical fashion and im currently learning how to sew my own garments, i love ...

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    By Oatythecat100 /
  7. I want to express myself

    Started by -Different- / 08/07/2020 10:11 / Replies 16
    Hello people! Im really into certain lolita styles, and cosplays, but i cant wear those things be...

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    By -Different- /
  8. Non binary clothing?

    Started by nico-the-enby / 09/10/2020 16:35 / Replies 2
    Hi i'm Nico (they/them) and i'm agender. i don't mind clothes like dresses and skirts (i'm AFAB b...

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    By nico-the-enby /
  9. Puberty

    Started by Nazzzy / 20/04/2020 11:04 / Replies 3
    hi yall im naz so i have no friends in school, im in y8btw ( 7th grade in america) i hade friends...

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    By ElsietheCat /
  10. Style

    Started by Yeesha-the-bi-cow / 11/06/2020 22:22 / Replies 15
    hey everyone, i really want like my own style, thats like unique, how do i find one or can you gu...

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    By Temporary51610711 /