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  1. parent abuse kinda?

    Started by AyaDaPerson / 23/02/2020 01:20 / Replies 0
    Im not sure if this is abuse but my mum always throws things at me and shouts and slaps me. Today...
  2. Dealing with berivment

    Started by milliemousey1027 / 17/02/2020 23:00 / Replies 2
    I’m 13 and my grandfather died yesterday he had a stroke 4 years ago and more strokes though the ...

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  3. Write all the people or animals in your life who you miss

    Started by Crazy-Girl101 / 10/08/2019 23:30 / Replies 3
    I miss my horse, grandpa, all of my cats and dog. ​ add to the thread saying whatever you w...

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  4. I miss you mum x🥺

    Started by emilyiona12 / 10/02/2020 20:04 / Replies 4
    Hiya so last year my mum died of cancer. hurt everyone pretty bad tbh but hurt me the most, was t...

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  5. Death

    Started by Dylandog1 / 11/08/2018 16:40 / Replies 1
    While yesturday two of my chickens died

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  6. dads gone missing

    Started by mariaaa05xoxo / 02/07/2018 22:33 / Replies 5
    my dad went missing last night and he hasnt turned up yet. we have had. police involved and i don...

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  7. Lost my dad to suicide last year /

    Started by l-alicia / 18/07/2019 20:18 / Replies 7
    Last year, I got the news that my Dad had killed himself. My parents had been divorced for a few ...

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  8. My dad died

    Started by Daisysandlillies123 / 19/10/2019 19:58 / Replies 3
    my dad died and i dont think im ever gonan be able to cope i put up this persona of me not caring...

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  9. People lost to cancer

    Started by AndyLives / 15/08/2019 20:49 / Replies 16
    Hi. I go by the name Ems on this website, so feel free to call me that in the replies. I decided ...

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  10. my neighbourhen

    Started by Littlemixloverjodielol / 05/12/2019 20:16 / Replies 4
    hey guys so i have found out today that my next door neighbour has sadly passed away she was elde...

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