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  1. Crush

    Started by TiredTalkingBee8848 / 18/09/2021 22:18 / Replies 2
    so basically i just started secondary school a few weekes ago but i already have a really big cru...

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    By TiredTalkingBee8848 /
  2. i just want a girlfriend :(

    Started by DyslexicSheep / 30/12/2020 17:10 / Replies 9
    hi, my name is Josh, im 14 and straight. if you are reading this then thank you in advance. this ...

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    By LivelySittingTiger5385 /
  3. nudes getting leaked

    Started by ArtisticActingFrog4073 / 25/09/2021 14:49 / Replies 0
    hi, im 13 and i sent a bra picture to this boy that i liked that i didnt know because i trusted h...
  4. How do I talk to my ex??

    Started by LusciousLottie20 / 12/09/2021 11:11 / Replies 2
    Hi so me and my ex were together from December 2019 to May this year through lockdown, we weren't...

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    By LusciousLottie20 /
  5. Ex boyfriend year 9

    Started by Shadow-13 / 23/09/2021 19:53 / Replies 1
    hey guys i’ve came here because i cant tell anyone at school because i would get bad mouthed if a...

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    By RainbowCat215911 /
  6. Tips please

    Started by Emmitt / 24/09/2021 00:18 / Replies 0
    i meed tips on how to get someone to like me, ive been crushing on someone for a long time now an...
  7. Was it sexual assault?

    Started by Jakeisacake / 16/05/2021 11:56 / Replies 7
    sup. my names jake. ​ bit of background, i was dating my best friend for the most part of a...

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    By Coffeeislife476 /
  8. anxiety post-breakup

    Started by UniqueTextingPuffin9012 / 02/09/2021 18:15 / Replies 1
    ive recently come out of an on and off relationship and ive been struggling with immense anxiety....

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    By AlertHoppingTurtle9232 /
  9. I think my best friend might have a different best friend...

    Started by MagicalCyclingParrot6315 / 18/09/2021 12:00 / Replies 1
    my best friend does all the stuff we used to do together with someone else :(( I really really do...

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  10. a guy friend likes me...

    Started by GoldenDrawingAlpaca9646 / 21/09/2021 20:26 / Replies 1
    so today one of my guy friends who is very kind, asked me out. im not really sure if i like him b...

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