Coping with Anger

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  1. i get unnecessarily angry at dumb things

    Started by shiny-eevee / 14/02/2022 02:39 / Replies 8
    ive developed anger issues that suck to control and it has gotten me in trouble 7 times over this...

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    By managinglifesuii7 /
  2. My Overthinking Issues!

    Started by LesbianSunflower421 / 18/05/2022 17:05 / Replies 0
    Hey I am Izzy and i have problems with overthinking. Say for example i lost my homework...The ave...
  3. Anger /

    Started by LuckyTextingLion6825 / 02/05/2022 18:14 / Replies 1
    For some reason I bite my wrist and say that I want to kill myself, and say that I don't love my ...

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    By Childline-Host /
  4. Uncontrollable anger towards my dad /

    Started by AwesomeFlyingFrog8054 / 07/05/2022 21:09 / Replies 0
    Hello, my name is Kate and I’m a 15 year old girl. My family situation is fairly fine; my parents...
  5. Hey!

    Started by KindThinkingSwan8771 / 11/03/2022 16:47 / Replies 1
    Hey everyone, u ok??

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    By AwesomePenguin888 /
  6. My anger issues

    Started by darling-rhia / 14/12/2020 10:10 / Replies 6
    Hi. My name is Morgan and I suffer from quite bad anger issues. I get angry at what seems like li...

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    By SilverSharingPuffin9053 /
  7. Anger

    Started by Dancingdoggies28 / 05/12/2021 15:15 / Replies 3
    i have anger issues and its really difficult to control my parents don’t understand they think im...

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    By LesbianSunflower /
  8. Angry for no reason? No logical explanation

    Started by AlienHasFeelings2 / 28/02/2018 23:43 / Replies 31
    I get angry real quick. I feel so misunderstood and crazy. My family dont get it... They ask me w...

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    By Caringbee0101 /
  9. Getting angry

    Started by pinapplecoconet / 21/03/2022 21:19 / Replies 1
    I feel like I am being iggnored by my parents. I feel like there is knowwhere where I can feel ha...

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    By DairyKrazy /
  10. I am sick of my dad //Vent, TW /

    Started by GayDuvet / 17/02/2022 08:33 / Replies 10
    TW: Sucde, ab*se ​ I said it. I sick of dwelling on the past, wondering if I may have survi...

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    By ItsJustMeGettingBy /