Eating problems

Reading this content might be upsetting and trigger difficult feelings and emotions if you have experienced these events or feelings in the past

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  1. i need help

    Started by Chase0409 / 25/10/2021 18:16 / Replies 1
    Hello guys ​ so we're all a little mentally ill here, huh...(/hj) anyways i need some advic...

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    By PowerfulDancingSwan5460 /
  2. Helping a Friend

    Started by CarefulYawningRaven2783 / 23/10/2021 16:26 / Replies 0
    Hi. Before I start I need to say I do not know much about eating disorders so I'm sorry if anythi...
  3. Eating problems /

    Started by Anonymous-skye1 / 22/10/2021 12:43 / Replies 0
    I can't eat properly, tried loads but every time I eat something that is high in calories I feel ...
  4. Body image/ eating disorder

    Started by MagicalBakingFox3849 / 28/06/2021 22:48 / Replies 12
    I'm 13 and for the past couple years I've been struggling with my body image and recently I've be...

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    By Anonymous-skye1 /
  5. eating disorder

    Started by FlexibleThinkingSwan3237 / 19/08/2021 16:45 / Replies 3
    hi im g, and i think i might have an eating disorder but im not sure, im terrified of gaining wei...

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    By Anonymous-skye1 /
  6. Accused of Attention Seeking 💔

    Started by TheLonelyGirlXOX / 26/08/2021 19:53 / Replies 2
    Hey guys, I suffer from anorexia. I have a bad relationship with food. My friends have accused me...

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    By Anonymous-skye1 /
  7. restrictive ed

    Started by ShinyCookingKoala8751 / 21/10/2021 21:56 / Replies 0
    im going away to family for a few days from tmr and im so nervous, they eat so much and comment o...
  8. my ed ?

    Started by ShinyCookingKoala8751 / 21/10/2021 21:54 / Replies 0
    Ive had an ed for almost 2 years now i think, and ive bever told anyone apart from a few close fr...
  9. possible anorexia? (tw-mentions of anorexia) /

    Started by Tebbie / 20/10/2021 21:22 / Replies 1
    hey, im basically venting on here as i don't know where else to go. ive had issues with my weight...

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    By DaniTheGirl-DannyTheBoy /
  10. TW// Body dismorphia and bulimia

    Started by DazzlingCyclingPanda7225 / 12/09/2021 22:31 / Replies 1
    Hi, im a 15 girl who believes i may suffer from bulimia and body dismorphia but i feel like i can...

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    By MagicalSharingOtter3843 /