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Fear of being sick

Hi Sam, ​I've had this phobia for 3 years now, and I don't know what to do. I can't stand anyone throwing up or me th...

What do I say if I call?

hi sam, so ive really been considering calling childline over my issues so i can talk one to one and get help, but im...

Gap year / university

hi there, ​ nothing big but i was wondering what happens once im 18 with decision making. i want to go on a gap year ...

Message from Sam

Self-harm is something I get a lot of letters about. Some people do it to cope, others might feel addicted to it. If anyone has questions about self-harm, or supporting someone else who is self-harming, then I'd be interested in hearing about it over the next couple of weeks.

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Told my mum I self harm...

I self harm, I wanted to tell my mum and I did but I feel like I made her sad, I have a small brother and I said I fe...


i'm a self harmer and have been for a couple of months now. i have my tetnus injections in school next week and i'm w...

My friend C

My friend c had a tough time recently when her friend commited suicide. Because of this she got depression and now sh...

School Nurse

My form tutor took me out this morning and basically said that he can tell there's something wrong with me and that i...

School Injections

I have school injections in a couple of weeks, and I self harm. My cuts are all over both arms, even up to my shoulde...

my freind might kill himself

my good freind has had a bad life, he's lost his mum and dad, people ridicule him for being gay and he talk really de...

I can't deal with this

I just need a bit of advice right now. Everything seems to be on top of me and I'm not to sure how to deal with it. S...

HPV jabs?!

Hi!  So, in March all of the girls are getting their jabs to reduce their risk of cervical cancer. You get the jabs i...