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I went on a school trip and got very popular for drawing on people's hands .People gave me sweets and money I said you don't have to but they did. My mum is kinda upset that I took the money . Now I am really nervous if they will get their parents in and complain to my school I can't even sleep because I am so worried . What are the chances of this happening
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Hi there,

Thank you for your letter. Sometimes situations can create different levels of worry and anxiety in us.

Very often people do things at the time with good intentions. If you received a lot of positive praise for a skill or talent you have, like your artwork, at the time this could make you feel happy and complimented.

People might have been happy to offer you something for your skills like treats and money and they are doing this through their own personal choice. It would be very different if somebody did something for another person and then demanded treats or money. It’s really important that people have choices and aren’t manipulated in any way.

Everybody reacts differently, and if a person is not happy with the way you handled a situation then you can ask that person how they see things and ask them to explain the reasons they are not happy. Maybe you could look at alternative ways of handling the situation. If you then feel that you could have handled a situation differently then it’s ok to say that and say sorry if you need to.

It’s important that if something is done with a good intention or even if a mistake is made and you’ve now learnt from that, that you are kind to yourself. Nobody deliberately makes mistakes and sometimes it’s just about taking the learning and moving forward. It's also about recognising that you are an important person who deserves to move forward now without feeling worried and nervous.

Growing up is all about learning and getting a sense of what feels comfortable and uncomfortable for you as a person. Remember you can always talk to a ChildLine Counsellor.

Take care,

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