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Worried about ISIS

Hello i am worrying myself about things that i shoudn't be or thats what my mum says i really don't want a war to break out in Isis and like i dont know sure im 11 but i really need to talk to someone

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Hi there,

When terrible events happen and lots of people talk about it all the time, it can feel like there is no escape from what's happening in the wider world. Terrorism, politics and war are in the news a lot at the moment and it can become overwhelming. Finding a way to make sure it doesn't affect you too much is important - and that will be different for everyone.

Some people want to know everything about what's going on in the world - not knowing for them is worse than knowing. If you are that kind of person then it's important to make sure you are being well supported, in case things become too upsetting. Finding an adult you trust to be able to talk about these things with you would be a really good idea. Perhaps together you can look at a few different news websites, then chat about it.

Other people want to escape from the big world events - and that's okay too. Often they are things we can't control, which is what makes them so hard to deal with.

Finding reliable ways for you to "switch off" from what's happening is important. Try thinking what your favourite things are and making sure you're spending enough time doing them. A good way to take your mind off upsetting news is to start a project or work on something creative as this can both distract you and allow you to express yourself.

Whatever happens in the world, Childline will be here to talk with you. Anytime you need to speak to a counsellor, they will be there.

Thanks for your letter.


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