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Will people ever understand Anxiety?

To Sam.

I am struggling at the moment because I have been diagnosed with severe anxiety and ocd. I took a few days off school and when I went back I had my least favourite lessons with my least favourite people. My teachers came to talk to me about the conditions and what they could do to help me but everyone in my class thinks it is favouritism and have started to copy my attacks just to leave the room and do what they want. I am very easily upset and worried about the people copying me. Why can't they take it seriously?

Sincerely, me

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Hi there,

Anxiety is a feeling of panic or fear and is our body’s natural alarm which tells us when we’re in danger. Usually once the difficult situation is over we calm down and feel better. It’s normal to have worries but sometimes the feeling of fear or panic stays or gets stronger. That’s when anxiety can become hard to manage.

There are many things that can happen to your body when you feel anxious. Your heart rate can increase, breathing can get faster, you may feel dizzy, your muscles can tense, your mind can become more alert and overthink things and you may start to sweat more.

Anxiety can be scary at times and that can add to the panic and fear you might already be feeling. It can feel overwhelming if you’re trying to cope with anxiety on your own and it’s important to get the support you deserve. Anxiety can be really difficult to cope with but  there are ways to manage the effects.

Sometimes other mental health issues can make anxiety worse, like Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Someone with OCD may feel like they have to do certain things to stop bad things from happening or to feel better, which can cause a lot of anxiety.

Talking to someone and opening up about how you’re feeling can help you get support. You could talk to your GP or your school nurse who could suggest a treatment plan to follow or try talking to an adult or friend you feel you can trust.

School is a big part of life and some lessons, teachers or events can cause a lot of anxiety. Schools have a duty to do what they can to provide a safe area for you to be. You could talk to your school about how they can help – like having a pass to leave lessons and go to a safe space to help you feel calmer. Talking to them will give them the opportunity to help and support you.

I hope this letter has helped, I’m glad you got in touch. Remember you can talk to one of our counsellors about this anytime you need to.

Take care


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