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Voices,hallucinations and impulses

Hi Sam, for the last year I've been experiencing hallucinations, voices in my head and random impulses.

I'm really not sure what to do. I'm worried if I talk about it to my parents they'll think I'm turning into a murderer or that I'm insane but its getting increasingly hard to differentiate whats real and what isn't. I often can sleep because I randomly have an impulse to sort my bookshelf alphabetically or to check all of my pen are working. It's really taking a toll on my social life and I feel tapped what should I do?

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Hi there,

We all hear voices to some extent - our inner thoughts might express themselves as voices we hear in our head. For some people those voices start to feel more and more real. If it gets to a point where you aren't able to stop the voices when you want to, or if they start saying things that are scary or hurtful, then it's important to get help. Medical professionals won't ever judge you and are there to help with whatever you’re going through.

There is an unfair perception of people with mental health problems which cause them to hear voices. You may see people who hear voices in movies and on TV as "mad" or serial killers - this is not at all accurate and it's a stereotype that needs to change. Anyone could be affected by mental health problems - and many are. These stereotypes can make it more difficult to get the help you need.

Hearing voices that other people doesn’t have to mean that you’ve got a mental health condition. In fact, 1 in 10 young people will hear voices. This could be because they are being bullied or hurt by someone, going through a difficult time, or not getting enough sleep (among other reasons). For lots of people, the voices gradually fade away.

Telling someone about what has been happening can be daunting, but most of the time the people who care about you will react better than you imagine. It's easy to build up a picture of what you think someone is going to say but a lot of the time that can be affected by your own fears and worries. I can't say for sure that everyone will react well but it's important to not let this fear stop you from saying something.

Hearing voices may be temporary and with the right treatment it might stop. Sometimes it's a more long-term problem and you may need medication to help cope with it. Mental health is complicated and it's why you should speak to a health professional about it. Your first stop is your GP - they should be able to support you in getting the help that's right for you.

It can be scary to hear and see things that other people don’t, but you don’t have to deal with this alone. Childline counsellors are available 24/h a day, on the phone or online, if you want to talk about how you are feeling. Mind have a lot of good information about hearing voices which might help, and Childline have some advice about different mental health conditions and some things you can do to cope with hearing voices.

I hope this has helped, thanks for sharing.

Take care,


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