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this isnt me?

For a while I haven't been myself, I've been down and depressed almost about school and lessons I don't enjoy. But mostly I'm easily irritated. I cry at the smallest things and I do t know why because I know that they aren't personal and they are a joke. Taking the dog out on the morning sometimes helps me feel happier but only lasts an hour or two before something else upsets me again. I don't know what to do and this mind set is really irritating me :( please help Sam.
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Hi there,

When you’re feeling this low it can feel difficult to speak out and share what you’re going through. I’m really glad that you got in touch to start talking about this. 

You sound like you’ve tried to work out some good ways of coping, like walking the dog. It can help to think about which things help when you feel low. Perhaps you could write a list so that you have it nearby when you’re feeling upset and need something to help your mood.

Sometimes when you’re upset, it can be useful to talk about the things that are making you feel that way. By talking you might be able to understand your feelings better and find more ways of coping. Perhaps you could talk to a ChildLine counsellor to let out some of these difficult feelings. 

It might also be helpful for you to let school know that you’re feeling down about some of your lessons. This way, they can support you better and help you to find ways to enjoy school more. Choose a teacher or member of staff you feel comfortable talking to and if it helps, make notes about the things you’d like to say to them. Some schools have a nurse or a counsellor who you can go to for support. Maybe you could check out what help your school offers. We have a page about asking an adult for help. You might find the advice and pointers helpful for preparing for the conversation.

It’s really good that you’ve felt able to write about this to me. I hope that you get the support you need so that life can start to feel better.

Take care,

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