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The Summer Holidays!

Hi Sam!

I wanted to ask what I can do during the holidays to keep myself sane?

The last summer holidays was hell for me! All of what happened is coming back to mind! The places, the people, how I felt and so much more!

Thank you Sam!

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Hi there

The summer holidays are a long break from your usual routine and it can be difficult to know how to fill your time. It’s good to plan ahead so that you feel prepared for the long holiday.

Any changes in your day to day life can take time to get used to. Being at school or college means you usually have a timetable or structure that you follow, without having to think too much about what to do next. Having extra time to fill can feel a bit overwhelming sometimes but you might also have more freedom to choose what you want to do.

You could write down your upcoming events or holidays in a diary or calendar. This gives you some of the structure you might have at school and you can see things you have to look forward to.

When you add new activities try to have a good mix of things so that each week you spend some time with other people and some time alone. Try to plan time for relaxing as well as more challenging things. It’s good to spend time outdoors as well as inside. You might need to be flexible on the day depending on the weather so it can help to have a few ideas ready in advance.

Remember that what you do doesn’t need to cost any money. Have a look online on your local council website for things happening in your area. Often activities in parks and libraries will be free. The holidays might be a good time to start a new hobby or to volunteer somewhere and help someone else. If you do have money to spend try to set a daily or weekly budget so you spread what you’ve got over the whole of the holiday.

Keeping to a routine can help things to feel more manageable. Feeling disorganised or tired can be stressful so try to stick to the same bedtime and the same time getting up each morning. And we’ve got a few tips for better sleep. When you get up try to make your bed straight away so you’re less likely to get back into it and then have a shower or splash cool water on your face to help you to wake up.

The anniversary of a difficult or traumatic time can bring back painful memories of the experience.  It can help to distract yourself and to keep busy with the activities you’ve planned. Talking to someone about the memories and your feelings is another way to help you to cope. It’s okay to ask for extra support when you are going through a tough time and Childline counsellors are there to listen about anything that’s worrying you

Thank you for your letter.

Take care,


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