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the holidays :/


i dont eat anything during school time and its easy to hide and easy to resist the temptation to. i used to love food and love eating but thats all gone from me. apart from in the holidays

its christmas so theres gonna be loads of food around, and i need to stop myself eating, because once ive started i cant ever stop. i need to lose weight - everyone says that - im 13 and i weigh 7 stone and my best friend is REALLY skinny.

everytimes i eat i feel really guilty, but when i dont eat i completely break down emotionally (parents divorce and selfharm) and i just dont know how to cope anymore.


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Thank you for sending your letter to me. 

It sounds like the way you feel about food at the moment is causing you quite a lot of stress.  Sometimes when people no longer want to eat anything it can be a reaction to something that has happened in the past; they see not eating as a way of keeping control in a situation where they have little control over anything else. 

I can hear that what your friends are saying is making you more determined to lose weight but it is important to remember that the weight people think you should be might be quite different from your recommended weight.

Towards the end of the message you mentioned your parents getting divorced and self harm. I would encourage you to come and have a chat with one of the counsellors at ChildLine by giving us a ring on 0800 1111, requesting a 1-2-1 chat through the website or sending us an email.  By getting in touch with ChildLine you now have someone who can support you and you do not have to go through this on your own.

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