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i cant really tell anyone how i feel i cant even talk to my teacher i want to become confiden but i dont know how please help me
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Hi there,

Feeling like you have very little confidence or self-esteem can have a big impact on your life. It can make it feel hard to talk to people and to feel happy with yourself.

Building confidence in yourself can take time and it may help if you have some support. You could think about asking someone you trust to help you. If talking to them feels hard for you, perhaps writing a note explaining that you would like their support could be an option.

Lots of young people notice lacking confidence in places like school where there are lots of different people and things going on. One way to start working on your confidence could be to try answering some questions during lessons in your favourite subject. Another idea that some people find can help is to think about what you would look like when you have confidence and try to start being that person in small ways.  There are lots of other things you might find useful on our page about building confidence and self-esteem.

If you would like to talk to a counsellor about self-confidence or anything else that’s on your mind. They are always there for you to talk to.

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