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stress about losing bank card

hi sam

idk if i can ask for advice about this but ive noticed ive lost my bank card and im too scared to tell my mam and dad because they will shout at me. im also too scared to call the bank aswelll. what should i do???

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Hi there,

Anyone can lose something important and it’s always best to try and sort it out as soon as possible, even when you think others will be upset or disappointed. Ignoring a  problem doesn’t usually make it go away. A bank account is a big responsibility so it's important to keep your account details and bank card safe and don’t tell anyone else your PIN number or  passwords. When you’ve lost your card or you think someone else has access to your online bank account details you need to contact your bank.

The quickest way to cancel your card and order a replacement is via internet banking or mobile banking and you can register for these services online. You can find your bank’s phone number on the back of another card if you have one or on their website. It’s very important to only ever go directly to the official website of your bank to get this information. Never click links in texts or emails, even if they look like they’re from your bank.

You can ask an adult you trust to support you if you feel nervous or scared about talking to your bank. Once you have reported your lost card  the bank will cancel it  and you won’t be able to use it if you find it later. A replacement card will be sent to you in the post and your bank will tell you when to expect the new card.

Most people will lose a bank card at some point in their lives, it's not a problem as long as you tell your bank as soon as you realise. Losing something important usually means that you’ll think more about looking after it in the future, like choosing a safe place to keep it and making sure that you put it back each time you use it.

Thank you for your letter. I hope this has helped you understand what you can do,If you wanted to talk more, you can always contact one of our counsellors or talk on our message boards.

Take care.


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