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Sport and confidence

Hi Sam

I wanted to write to you as im a bit upset with sport as I go to a club and I dont really fit in as I get lauft at becase im not very good at sport and the coaches tell them not to but they dont normally listen and its really knocked my confidence and the others dont normmally let me join in this is worse at school as people are mean to me and say and push me and in sport they pretend its part of the game and it makes me feel bad I also get lauft at at school because im not very good at reading and my ritings really small and I struggle with it but the teachers dont seem to realise how hard it is and the students be mean to me about it when I dont know why Im not very good .this with my lack of confidence in sport is really bringing me down and just upsetting me a bit because when I do sport I feel more relaxed but I dont anymore.

thanks for your help

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Hi there,

Sport and physical hobbies often take time to learn. Most people need to practice something lots of times before they get better at it. When it comes to playing sports as a hobby it's important to remember that it's supposed to be fun. If people are getting too competitive and you're not enjoying it anymore then it might be time to change to a different club. It's not okay for anyone to bully you about your ability at sports and it's important to tell someone if this is happening.

Whatever sport you play it's normal to be not very good at it to begin with. A few people are naturally good at certain sports but most need teaching and practice. If getting better at sports is something that's important to you then it will take time and practice. You might not be able to practice the whole sport on your own but you can practice general skills like throwing, catching, running and jumping. What you choose to practice depends on what sports you play.

On the other hand if you just go to these clubs for fun and you don't want to spend any more time practising, that's okay too. You don't have to be the best at a sport if you enjoy playing it. Sometimes focusing too much on your ability can take the fun out of it entirely.

Having confidence in yourself is hard when people around you are saying and doing things that bring you down. Building up your confidence and self-esteem can help you to focus on enjoying your time at sports clubs.

Remember that it's not okay for people to bully you or say mean things. If this is happening then make sure you don't keep it to yourself. It's okay to tell the adults running the club what's happening, as well as talking to people you trust at home.

I hope this has helped, I'm really glad you sent this letter.

And remember our counsellors are always here for you if you need support.

Take care.


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