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Scared to go back to school

hi sam

im really scared to go back school, things are going to be really different and i dont cope with change very well and im kinda scared about it and how i will cope. i have really bad anxiety and panic attacks and get stressed and angry easily and i just feel its going to be overwhelming. im really excited to see my friends again but then im scared about how things will be

thank you

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Hi there,

As the coronavirus lockdown slowly begins to end, it’s natural to feel anxious about things going back to normal. It might be a long time before things feel normal again, and every change to the rules can feel scary as we don't know exactly what things are going to be like. There are a few things you can do to help manage feeling anxious about change.

Change can be difficult to cope with and lots of people feel anxious about it. Everyone’s different but for many people the anxiety around change comes from feeling uncertain. When we get into a routine it gives us confidence. The more familiar you are with your surroundings and what's happening, the more you feel able to handle things. When that routine changes, it can make you feel like something bad might happen or you're unsure about what you’re supposed to do.

To cope with feelings of uncertainty and anxiety it can help to keep a routine in other parts of your life that aren't changing. This can be things you can more easily control such as a favourite hobby at home, playing sports or doing creative things. When you have this routine outside of school it can make the changes at school easier to cope with. Childline has lots of advice about taking care of yourself and building positive routines to help you feel good.

Another way of coping with the anxiety of going back to school is to take something familiar with you. Feeling uncertain can make you feel out of your depth and scared, but if you take an object with you that reminds you of home then you might feel safer. This could be something like a keyring or souvenir from a holiday or your journal if you keep one.

If you’re feeling anxious at school, you can try using Childline’s Calm Zone on your phone when you're at school, or by using a school computer. The Calm Zone has lots of tools and tips to help you stay calm when feeling anxious. Childline also has lots of advice about managing anxiety and worries about the world that might help. You could also reach out to other young people about this on Childline’s message boards for support and to see how they’re coping with going back to school.

Thanks for sharing this with me, I hope my answer has helped. If you want to talk or chat more about this, Childline counsellors are always there for you.

Take care,


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