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Scared about my period

to sam I am scared about my period.i feel really scared and embaressed .I havent started yet.I had spottting once so i wore a sanitary towel but nothing came out i am just really scared of when it happens. please give me advise
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Hi there,

Thanks for writing in to me and telling me about how you feel.

Changes can be scary, especially when you’re unsure of what’s going to happen and how it is going to feel. You say that you are scared and embarrassed about when you start your period. Puberty is a normal part of growing up and something that everyone will experience. Maybe you could think about talking this through with someone like the school nurse, or a friend or adult that you trust. They may be able to answer any specific questions you have and that may help with how you’re feeling.

It sounds like you are aware about sanitary towels, and what to do when your period arrives but it doesn’t stop you feeling scared. I want to let you know that you are not alone in feeling anxious. Many young people feel this way about starting their period for the first time. It might also be some help to have a look about what other young people are saying about puberty and periods on the messageboards. There is lots of information on periods on the Puberty for Girls page in Explore.

If you do want to talk about what is going on for you in more detail you can come through to talk to someone at ChildLine by logging in for a 1-2-1 chat, calling 0800 1111 or sending an email. The counsellors are there to help support you with whatever you have going on.

Take care


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