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Scared to say I have started my period

I am starting my period but I am too scared to tell my male teacher
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Every girl has different feelings about starting her periods. Some people are happy and proud. Others feel embarrassed or worried. Some might be unsure about who to turn to for support and advice. It’s good that you’re thinking about letting somebody know. It seems like you might be feeling more frightened about telling your teacher because he’s male. If it feels difficult to have a conversation face-to-face, you could try sending him an email or a letter to let him know about it. 

Remember that lots of men will have supported other girls or women about periods. Many men understand about what a period is and how it can affect somebody. Having periods is a natural part of being female and you don’t have to feel ashamed about having them.

If you’d like to think about more ways to talk to your teacher, you can always talk to a counsellor at ChildLine. It might also help to speak to other young people on the message boards to find out about their ideas and experiences of telling somebody.

Thanks so much for taking the time to write to me about this. It’s really great that you felt able to speak about it and I hope that you’re able to have a helpful conversation with your teacher.

Take care,

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